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Legends of Mining: Pierre Lassonde & ATEX Resources
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ATEX is a Latin America-focused exploration company managed by a team of dedicated
professionals with the goal of discovering economically viable mineral deposits through a disciplined approach to exploration.

Pierre Lassonde

There are several well-known names in the mining sector that are worth watching. Incredible success stories are rare, and individuals that have had multiple accomplishments are unicorns. Some renowned names that I pay close attention to are Robert Friedland, the Lundin family, and Pierre Lassonde. If you’re new to investing in mining and aren’t familiar with those names, books have been written about them that are worth reading to understand what makes these
people unique. As these accomplished men grow older, I am looking at the next generation of mining legends taking shape – Craig Parry being a favorite (see Skeena Resources, Vizsla Silver, and NexGen Energy). They may not hit a homerun every time, but they have better odds of success than the vast majority.

Lassonde has received many awards, including Mining Man of the Year (1997) and Developer of the Year (1999) with Seymour Schulich, the Inco Medal (2001), several honorary doctorates in Canada and the USA, and the Order of Canada in 2002.

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‘Pierre Lassonde has long believed that a nation’s natural resources are not its commodities, but its people. He proved this true during his own exemplary career as a professional engineer, astute investor, innovative financier, entrepreneurial company builder, dedicated philanthropist, and senior statesman of Canada’s mining and investment industries.’

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University of Toronto’s Lassonde Institute is a mining industry champion delivering research powered solutions with a commitment to strengthen our shared communities and planet. As an integrated, multi-disciplinary innovation and discovery hub, we are home to world-leading
experts solving global challenges. Our interdisciplinary researchers and teams collaborate with industry across several major Lassonde Research and Innovation Areas.

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The Lassonde Curve shows what the typical life cycle of a mineral discovery looks like. Referring to the curve can be an incredibly useful tool for mining investors looking for entry and exit points.

ATEX Resources

Lassonde is rather selective in his investments and doesn't normally prefer exploration phase opportunities. He is not one to throw some darts and hope that a few hit the bullseye. Some of his current investments involve cannabis, wine making, and a precious metals company in Mexico named Prime Mining. However, it was ATEX Resources that sparked my interest a few months ago as word spread that Lassonde was a major investor. As a copper bull, I am always on the hunt for the best investment opportunities involving the metal. If you’re interested in $ATX.V, I would recommend checking out their corporate presentation and watching the YouTube interviews with Pierre Lassonde and CEO/Director Raymond Jannas (links attached). Drill results are anticipated in June, making this a potentially attractive time to invest in the company.

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Pierre Lassonde on gold, copper and 2 stocks he’s buying right now:

ATEX Resources (ATX) - Copper Drilling Start Again in October:

Please DYODD and I am happy to answer whatever questions I can. It's always important that I state the high-risk factor involved with junior mining investments. I never put in more than I can afford to lose. For me, that normally means a 1-2% allocation, which I cap at 5% for higher conviction picks. $ATX.V is currently ~3% of my portfolio.

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