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My kid made a great pick here. When I told him his pick is up sixty percent his response was "It's a fun game and makes a ton of money per day. I've seen a lot of people spending Robux on Youtube videos and not a lot of people make videos. So there must be a lot of people spending Robux" He's definitely a better investor than I was at his age! This is what Commonstock is about!
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This is definitely what Commonstock is about! Congrats to your son! Great insight on his part :)
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nice! i credit my nephew for the same insight. i wish i'd gotten in earlier! https://commonstock.com/trade/bf5e6d37-ff6d-4779-bf2b-231920a7acfa
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@diggity that’s still a good price! I think Roblox has a better grip on the Metaverse than Facebook at this point.
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Love to pick up stock ideas from younger cousins, nephews, neighbor kids... Well done, @michael and son!
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Thanks! Would love to hear about some of your younger cousins and nephews picks!
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They steered me clear of $UA, led me to take harder looks at $SNAP and $FB (Instagram). I only wish Chick-fil-A were public because I think they and their friends would eat every meal there if they could!
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$SNAP is interesting. The filters are pretty fun. I personally think AR is going to be the next big thing once the hardware is commoditized.



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