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Key Updates On Previous Posts
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I do have "ask me if I sold" in my bio, but just in case that goes unnoticed I wanted to provide some updates. I haven't been able to link a live portfolio here yet due to issues with my Canadian brokerage. I'm sure some would be disappointed in a few of my returns, given the poor performance of commodity-based equities the past few months, but for the most part I am holding and believe sector rotation has only recently begun.

  • Patriot Battery Metals continues to be my strongest performer (currently up 1188%).
  • Other solid returns include $BRW.V (>100%), $NGEX.V (70%), $FL.V (45%), $STEP.TO (47%). I am pleased that my theses regarding lithium, copper, and energy are proving to be reasonably correct so far.
  • On the downside, however, my hydrogen pick $NXH.V remains a "dog" which I am down 48% on. I still believe in the companies potential & will continue to hold, as exciting developments continue in the growing sector.
  • I have sold my diamond stock, North Arrow ($NAR.V). Diamonds may be a girl's best friend but not so much the equities. I actually still believe in the potential here but felt there were better opportunities to be had elsewhere (namely in the fertilizer sector, so I have reallocated).
  • Gold & silver equities continue to perform poorly, but given the unpredictable events globally, they still constitute approximately 10% of my portfolio.

I continue to hold a basket of junior exploration companies related to copper, nickel, lithium, vanadium, and manganese. If you have any questions about previous posts, please never hesitate to ask for an update.

Perhaps the most important update I wished to provide is related to $SBSW
I first discussed the company on June 9, in a post called "Sibanye Stillwater: A Risky But Potentially Rewarding Play". The company has had a tough year as they faced flooding in Montana, a strike in South Africa, and a pending lawsuit with Appian Capital. SeekingAlpha's Pearl Gray Equity & Research wrote about these risks in an article this morning:

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I will add the same caveat that they did:

**_This piece isn't based on price discovery or sentiment. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to use this information as part of your holistic analysis instead of considering it in isolation.

as well as this quote:

It needs to be considered that the company still pays a magnificent dividend and that it has a lot of latitude in the mining space with its 5-year EBITDA CAGR of 47.52%, conveying its cost advantages.

In my view, many of the aforementioned risks remain and must be strongly considered as well as monitored on a regular basis. I believe platinum & palladium could see a significant increase in demand if hydrogen fuel cell vehicles become mainstream. The article below is worth a read if that is of interest to you.

Several countries do have plans to expand the infrastructure of hydrogen refueling stations. If fuel cell self-driving car technology takes the lead in the marketplace, Palladium and Platinum will likely continue to grow in demand and have value both as currencies and as industrial commodities.

Palladium is expected to remain volatile with an improved outlook in Q4.

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As always, please DYODD and I'm happy to answer any questions that I can!
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Great update! Thanks for keeping up with the transparency despite Commonstock not supporting your brokerage yet!

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@nathanworden Thanks Nathan, with a little bit of luck the timing of my brokerage linking will coincide with copper prices going ballistic 😂
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@jennymanydots that’d be pleasant timing!
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It is frustrating when you can’t link your brokerage and being based in New Zealand I doubt that function will be available anytime soon.

Thank you for the transparency, that’s the best thing about this community is that in general people aren’t posting to brag, people are posting to raise awareness and debate ideas / thesis’s.

Interesting to read that you’ve pulled out of your diamond position, I remember at the time you posting about it and not being convinced the demand was there.

My best play at the moment in the minerals space is lithium America’s +135% and my worst is in Sandfire on the ASX -16%

I do have some very depressed tech stocks lurking looking at you Virgin Galactic!!! For me as long as I’m beating the S&P500 I’ll stick with stock picking.

Likewise I’m also happy to share the good, the bad and the ugly of anything in my portfolio.

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@odysseus Thanks Oliver, I love hearing what other people are up to - what's working & what's not. I enjoy looking at the leaderboard here occasionally too. I think the diamond stock may depend on the individual company, NAR's were unusual in that they were rare (coloured) and sought after by Tiff & Co. I learned that a diamond discovery can take longer than metals, and I didn't have enough patience to wait. Also, a key tipping point for me was when strategic shareholders had a large number of warrants expiring from different time periods. I felt they should have reached at least the lowest price by now. I have more conviction for the battery metals space regardless, so I was fine with moving on. Best of luck with Virgin Galactic & Sandfire, and congrats on beating the S&P!



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