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Sharing my housing market articles
Over the last 24 months, I've written 11 articles about the housing bubble. These articles have covered everything from valuation trends to credit cycles.

I have put them in chronological order, unpaywalled them and made them all available to you here:
  • Part 1 (Jul 13, 2020) Is British housing in a bubble?
  • Part 2 (Jul 16, 2020) How large is Britain's housing bubble?
  • Part 3 (Jul 20, 2020) The Ponzi-esque features of housing
  • Part 4 (Jul 23, 2020) Will the bubble burst?
  • Part 5 (Nov 11, 2020) Is there still a bubble?
  • Part 6 (Nov 25, 2020) Which countries are most at risk?
  • Part 7 (Jun 3, 2021) America's housing bubble, aggregate ownership and credit collapse
  • Part 8 (Aug 9, 2021) The (non)relationship between population and price
  • Part 9 (Nov 25, 2021) An ultra long-term look at housing and bubble deflation
  • Part 10 (Jan 20, 2022) The Fed has engulfed the MBS market
  • Part 11 (Apr 29, 2022) The impossibly thin tightrope between inflation control and house price collapse

I hope you find them interesting. It's fun rereading these and seeing my style and understanding of the bubble evolve.
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Really interesting thank you
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Thanks for sharing!
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Existing home sales for May are out tomorrow. Is this the type of thing you watch and if so what are you looking for?