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$230.7m follower assets
I have the feeling that investors are starting to realize the huge optionality of $U
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I know funds buy and sell stocks for several different reasons but is anyone else wondering why Cathie Wood is now selling large chunks of $U over the last number of weeks?
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No idea!
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What does $U do?
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@joeyhirendernath The CEO says that $U is "the underlying toolset for creating the metaverse and also a set of services or monetization, analytics, voice, for operating those businesses." They're not a direct competitor to companies like $RBLX $EA $ATVI etc
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@joeyhirendernath unity is mainly a game engine. You create video games and animated experiences using the platform. Developers pay to license the software. There’s also a marketplace for purchasing assets and they provide ways to monetize your game out of the box to save you a ton of work when you’re making games.

Here are some titles worth noting https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Unity_games

I think it’s important knowledge that if you can afford to do so, you’ll write your own engine which is why EA, and Activision do so and you never see triple A titles using it.
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@anonrose "Mainly a game engine," yes—for now! I'm excited by $U's optionality beyond gaming and I'm looking for them to demonstrate some success in other forms of entertainment, architecture, construction...
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Thank you @anonrose @sidnistandard and @invesquotes! I am going to save your deep dive to read this weekend.
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Thanks a lot!



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