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Phase 1

Giving away money
Thinking that flipping NFTs can be a 9-5

Phase 2

Going back to normal so..
Less hiring, less spending, McDonald getting a lot of resumes.
War -- tough luck

Phase 3

In hindsight... we should have done A B & C.
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I think the real take away is you cannot shut down the economy and not have extreme negative effects.
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I would like to add that because the Gov forced businesses to close in 2020 which lead to lay offs, the "employement growth" in 2021 was "fake" and a political headline.
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And more layoffs inbound.
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@carterkilmann most likely but still below 4%
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@couch_investor - the “real” unemployment rate is about double that.
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@fatcatinvesting what's the "real" unemployment rate? What the missing piece?
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@couch_investor - “The U-3 unemployment rate is the most commonly reported rate in the U.S., representing the number of unemployed people actively seeking a job. The U-6 rate includes discouraged, underemployed, and unemployed workers in the country.”