Using Commonstock as a Journal
I've decided to use Commonstock as somewhere to journal my investing decisions. Mainly because I am fairly sure I am making numerous mistakes that I not currently tracking and necessarily learning from.

My investable assets are largely in unit trust/OEICs/Mutual Funds, some actively managed and some in index funds. Although I have exposure to index funds I don't see these as completely passive investing as there is still underlying decision making in which geographies, indexes and thematics to allocate.

I don't think I will journal these collective investments, rather I am going to journal my individual stock picks which form a relatively small part of my pension.
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I really love the use case of journaling and reflection. “Making changes without insight is wasted energy”

Journaling leads to reflection which leads to insight which leads to improvement 📶
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@nathanworden Thanks Nathan, that's self reflection and improvement is certainly the plan
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interesting idea, I started doing the same but with twitter/youtube and its always fun to look back and see how dumb I was back then.
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@dollarsandsense yeah looking forward to looking back on this and seeing how much stupid stuff I did/am doing. Also helps me avoid thesis creep and remember why I am doing what I am doing.
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I approve this message
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Hi Matt welcome to Commonstock.

I think it's a great idea to document your major investment decisions. I hold mainly index funds but own a few individual companies . Although I have just begun my journey as an investor I always find that helps to identify errors and remember learnings.

Look forward to your next posts.
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Welcome to Commonstock, have enjoyed being here the last few months.