My Favourite Investing Podcasts
The best podcasts to learn about value investing:

• Invested - Phil Town & Danielle Town
• Chai With Pabrai - Mohnish Pabrai
• The Memo - Howard Marks
• Richer Wiser Happier - William Green
• Investing By The Books - Redeye AB
• Focused Compounding - Andrew Kuhn & Geoff Gannon

Ignore everything else.
Joey Hirendernath's avatar
This is super helpful. Thank you for sharing. Would love to hear your thoughts on Value investing with the legends.
Conor Mac's avatar
I quite liked The Business Brew will Bill Brewster, but haven’t listened to a pod for 3-4 months.
Joshua Simka's avatar
No mention of Chit Chat Money? I also like Rule Breaker Investing, hosted by David Gardner (the Motley Fool)
Nathan Worden's avatar
Some I'd never heard of before on this list, thanks for sharing!



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