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Asset asset allocation during increasing inflation and decreasing growth
I was thinking of what asset classes typically do well. So, I thought, what would Ray Dalio or Warren Buffett do? Based on what I found, they are roughly in the same direction - heading towards commodities. Found an excellent graphic of Bridgewater's asset allocation during inflationary events and a PDF of Buffett talking about high inflation environments. FWIW, Berkshire has been getting more OXY (an oil company) shares at the moment as well.
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Interesting graphic, will have to download and read the linked PDF! Thanks for sharing.
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@fatcatinvesting Glad you liked it! I was a little bummed out that Buffett didn't talk more about inflation this annual meeting, but happy that he did sometime ago (e.g. this PDF).
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Really like the graphic. Makes you think! Thanks for sharing