Will Taylor Swift go DTC with her concert ticket sales?

Taylor Swift has finally came out and voiced her frustration with the Ticketmaster fiasco. Here's what she said in their Instagram Story:

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Taylor Swift said that she wants to provide more opportunities to fans eager to go to her concerts. In my memo from yesterday, I had a prediction that Taylor Swift will make her own concert ticket platform and go direct-to-consumer with her concert tickets. I hope I'm right because that looks to be the best solution to this problem.

Some talk about reselling bots being an issue but I choose to set those issues aside because the bot issue relates to the platform itself. LiveNation allows reselling bots to buy and sell tickets from the platform. It doesn't violate LiveNation's terms and conditions. As for Taylor Swift, she can make it illegal for anyone to use bots to buy her tickets.

Others have considered using the metaverse as a way for Taylor Swift to scale her concerts. During the pandemic, The Weeknd hosted a virtual concert on Tik Tok and the digital experience felt like being in the metaverse as a ghost. There are artists that have performed concerts on Roblox. Some artists have streamed concerts for Oculus VR headset users.

If we want to take the metaverse thing a step further, if hologram technology takes off, we can see artists perform in one area and a hologram of the artist will appear in other venues for people to watch (inspired by Black Mirror S5 E3).

After considering the technology we have, the actions that Taylor Swift has been doing to make herself less dependent on intermediaries (link), and the strong reactions from the Taylor Swift community, I have a question for you:
Will Taylor Swift go DTC with her ticket sales?
14 VotesPoll ended on: 11/19/2022
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Damn, she should that would be a boss move
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@investmenttalk if Taylor Swift can sell their tickets on Eventbrite $EB and manage it all herself, I can see the Swift concert ticket issue not being repeated. Fewer markups.
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If anyone could, it would be her



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