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"In any diversified portfolio..."
“In any diversified portfolio, there will be both winners and losers, and the consideration that should determine which you should sell, if any, is certainly not the price at which you bought it originally.”
— Daniel Kahneman
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Is that really a Kahneman quote? One of my all time favorite thinkers but didn’t know he touched on finance much versus broadly behavioral economics
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@jensen @valuabl Anchoring bias ?
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@jensen @piggyback, it's called the disposition effect
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@jensen I looked a little on Google and found the quote attributed to him elsewhere but couldn't find a source. Could be from a scholarly paper. I don't think this is from Thinking, Fast and Slow though.
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@tomato @jensen, he said it in an interview I watched. He's a brilliant man. Whenever I start feeling 'too big for my boots,' I like to read or listen to Kahneman to remind myself that it's mostly luck and randomness and my brain is tricking me.
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Still can't believe how many investors are still to fixated on the price of which the bought and make decisions around that.
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Love this quote.

Kahneman is such an extraordinary thinker. Completely changed the way decisions in finance are viewed now.

Definitely turned Adam Smith's concept of the rational-economic upside down.

Smith: Man makes decisions based on the rational analysis of potential and desired outcomes and acts in his (or her) own rational self-interest.

Kahneman: I think not
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wholeheartedly agree!
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So long as you are roughly correct 55% to 60% of the time and size efficiently. Sizing is sometimes more important than asset selection.