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Top investors this month
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Top investors this month
‘T-bill & chill’ strategy!' = newest strategy out there
  • Berkshire/Buffett cash at an all time record of $157 billions

  • Berkshire STASHaway is up and running well

  • some say, 5% is peanuts, not a good use of cash, 10-15% minimum ... well, 5% on top of decades of compounding is way more than the 5% says now = compounding effect is real, works and = magic

  • note also how it went down during the 2007-2009 GFC (Global Financial Crisis) as Buffett was buying quality businesses for dirt cheap prices

  • if by chance we get a recession (well, reminder: sooner or later it will happen, it is called the business cycle), what do you think Buffett will do? Same thing again

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