Rotation Rotation Rotation 💃
After a wild ride with $ZVO, I decided to take profits and make a well adjusted rotation into… Bitcoin miners! Yes, although unconventional, my reasoning is plain and simple:

  • The less Bitcoin being mined, the less supply.
  • Central banks are still purchasing a ridiculous amount of bonds and interest rates are still at historically absurd levels.
  • Most Bitcoin miners sold at an average price of $30,000 (currently trading at $20,000) to not only lock in profits, but to shore up cash for further expansion and efficiency.
  • Additionally, Bitcoin at $20,000 is a historic price floor and all the bad news has been priced in.

There are many publicly traded Bitcoin miners out there, so I bought a basket of them as a thematic investment 🦧

Happy investing & trading!

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What was in the basket of miners that you bought?