Surprising (at least to me) analysis from Volvo on the carbon footprint of their electric XC40.

Even if you assume 100% renewable energy, it takes 49,000 km to breakeven in CO2 emission terms, when compared to petrol version of the same car.

If you assume the current global electricity mix - this figure increases to 110,000 km.

Full report linked here along with a similar one from VW a few years ago 👉
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A lot of people aren't getting this exact point and have bought into the virtual signaling of "I own an EV." It'll be interesting to see how this space evolves!
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The current positive sentiment towards EVs despite analysis like this tells you that the renewable narrative has taken strong root.

In my opinion this bodes well for renewables / EVs, because there's still a lot of headlines to be printed in the future about how each incremental EV has gotten better than the last one.

Still a long way to go before current EVs reach sustainable C02 emissions.



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