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$DRIO post earnings (Updated)
Since earnings, in the last 3 sessions, everything has gone from suck to rainbows. Earnings beat on topline / bottom-line / EPS and margins have resonated with smart money. Last three season have been nothing short of spectacular. Analyst upgrades and price target raises showing an increased multiple in the financial models. Management is execution and WallSt is taking notice. Next Mini-Livongo 2.0 in time. Also DRIO is sitting down with Industry leaders at McKinsey's 5th annual digital healthcare event.. June 21-23rd.

$TDOC loss is $DRIO gain
$TDOC loss is $DRIO gain in a Cowen note this morning... 75% of the guidance adjustment was due in part to there DTC therapy product. This is unrelated to DRIO as they have no similar product. The other 25% attributed to longer sales cycles on there digital health product resulting from increased competition. Given that TDOC have not historically sold to fully insured health plans, they underestimated what sales cycles to these plans mean. It also shows they are not convinced of Livongo's ROI. Given the markets migration to a fully integrated solution and growing disappointment from Livongo / Teladoc (given that TDOC has put less emphasis and development on the legacy Livongo solution; its not surprising there experiencing tougher sales environments. DRIO is not seeing the trends that TDOC is facing and may very well be the competition there referring to. (DRIO keeps inking employer contracts and health plans seemingly)
$DRIO - Dario Health - Business Group on Health - Annual Conference
Buddy attending this today.. Lot of Healthcare Groups there today, Aetna, United Dario etc.

Drive better conversations & change in health care experience. It was standing room only when Dario presented today... just saying...
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Seeing another rewards day in the mining pool - expect this uptick to continue

If you click on the link, I posted 4 days before we had a monster rally in crypto based on my mining experience.

I am seeing a rewards day today in my hiveon mining pool. Expect this crypto surge to continue. Similar to my earlier post before eth ran huge!
$DRIO - Earnings Call this morning - Turning the Corner (Long)
I continue to highlight and bring to the attention of this investor fan base - Dario Health. From seeing it from the basement to where it's at today; nothing short of spectacular. This company at this valuation will bear a 4 - 10x in the next 12-24 months. If you like how the year has gone, take a seat because its just getting warmed up.

2021 and Recent Highlights
  • Total revenue increased 171% from $7.6 million in 2020 to $20.5 million in 2021 on the strength of Dario's rapidly expanding growth resulting from the acquisitions closed in 2021 and the increasing sales in the B2B channel.
  • Increased the number of accounts to 54 across the health plan, employer, and provider market segments to create book of business worth $35 million in total contract value.
  • Successfully implemented clients and achieved market-leading 40%-member enrollment rate with retention above 80%, proving the value of Dario's B2C2B strategy leveraging the company's successful consumer engagement capabilities.
  • Signed a multi-year, multi-faceted agreement with leading health care company Sanofi to accelerate adoption of Dario's solution in the payer market through joint sales efforts and drive innovation through shared research initiatives and development of new products for use on Dario's platform.
  • Signed three acquisitions โ€“ Upright Technologies Ltd. (Upright") for musculoskeletal health and PsyInnovations, Inc. (dba wayForward) for behavioral health; and executed an acquisition agreement with Physimax computer vision technologies - to expand platform solutions to cover four of the top five condition priorities for B2B buyers.
  • Launched digital physical therapy product, Dario Move, which uses wearable sensor technologies developed by Upright, further differentiating the full suite of solutions and generating interest in the health plan and employer markets.
  • Published five new clinical studies, including peer-reviewed clinical research demonstrating the impact of Dario's single platform approach in a leading peer-reviewed journal for digital medicine and health, the Journal of Medical Internet Research, providing the market with real-world evidence of the effectiveness of the company's integrated solutions.
  • Financially sound into 2024
  • More strategic discussions are talking place and expect more deal-flow.
  • Company culture, management team, cap table - are in the highest of regards.
American Resources - $AREC
This is another ticker I have close ties too. This has been strong in a down market. Technicals are starting to tighten and should start to run. Sitting on the other side of its 200day currently. Earnings should surprise with all the coal they are selling overseas at great prices. Their wild-card is rare earth, and I foresee some big moves coming from this arm in the month or two. This can easily test the 4-6-8$ range short term. I am long this stock but will play the swings if they warrant.