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Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen CEO of Novo Nordisk $NVO ('In Good Company' - Nicolai Tangen)
In the latest episode of 'In Good Company', Nicolai Tangen speaks to the CEO of Novo Nordisk $NVO, Lars Fruergaard Jørgensen. They discuss various topics around:

  • How obesity impacts people's life
  • Lars's concerns about lack of access for most people to some of the new medicines
  • The importance of purpose and Novo Nordisk $NVO new weight loss drug

Tagging @ifb_podcast who might be interested into the conversation, in particular.

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Oh I am 👏👏. Thanks for tagging me 😁
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@ifb_podcast Pleasure is mine!
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I think @chandler_s and @stockopine may really enjoy this episode too



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