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How will theaters survive with a prolonged strike in Hollywood? Rely on foreign films?
From Dune 2 to many other highly anticipated films, producers are saying that they aren't sure when they'll release these films in theaters. The writers and actors strike in Hollywood have crippled the industry. The movies being released these days are films that have already wrapped up screenwriting and filming. After those movies, we might not have any new films to see in theaters.

While the strikes in Hollywood only affect content producers in the US, elsewhere around the world, people are still writing script and acting in movies. If Americans can't make English movies, the British, Canadian, and Australian filmmakers can. $NFLX has been successful at dubbing foreign shows and movies into English and getting Americans hooked on those shows.

Because of these strikes, producers like $NFLX $DIS $LGFA $PARA $WBD and more will want to move their content production out of Hollywood and into other nations where the entertainers there wouldn't strike, where the labor is cheaper, and where there's a thriving entertainment industry. Places like India, Spain, many Latin American countries, South Korea, and Malaysia look to be attractive places where American entertainment producers could relocate. Using advanced dubbing technology, they can convert the language of the films to English and successfully release those shows in theaters in the US.

As much as I want to see actors and writers get their fair pay and not have to work 2+ jobs outside of their Hollywood job to make ends meet, the producers have all the cards and they can move their operations overseas. There are many great actors and writers in all countries. Labor isn't much of an issue to the entertainment industry compared to the semiconductor industry, which relies on finding sophisticated talent that's hard to find (hence why it isn't easy to make America independent on Taiwan when it comes to chipmaking).

I'm curious to hear the CommonStock community's thoughts on whether American film producers will offshore entertainment jobs overseas or if the writers/actors striking will prevail.
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