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Anyone here trading earnings this week??

I’m thinking short $NVDA and $COIN and longing $PANW

  1. NVDA. Consensus estimates are for earnings to decline year-over-year by 40.00% with revenue decreasing by 21.37%. How is this stock still trading at $213. JUST because of AI.

  1. $COIN Consensus estimates are for earnings to decline year-over-year by 171.99% with revenue decreasing by 76.54%.

  1. $PANW Consensus estimates are for year-over-year earnings growth of 64.79% with revenue increasing by 25.29%.

Thanks for feedback

GOING TO SELL all my stocks this week and invest in only in these four stocks. THATS it. I will then write calls and puts 3 times a week (MON- WED-FRI) $IWM , $QQQ , $SPY, $XLE (or $XBI) The reason is pretty clear.
  1. This market is living from quarter to quarter
  2. Price of equities are being dictated by Options
  3. Institutions are still not participating in mass
  4. Inflation is still sticky
  5. Valuations on growth stocks are still ridiculous
I believe it’s become to difficult to pick specific stocks and when you pick one 3 months later you have to hold your breath and make sure the earnings are good and the forecast has to be good. The BUFFETT method only worked last 4 quarters because oil stocks went up about 60-70%. Without Those his portfolio would have been down about 18%. So now why these 4 stocks??
  1. These 4 stocks will cover pretty much 90% of the stock market
  2. They have options which means if they trade sideways I’m still making 20-35% just on options alone. As much as I dislike IWM because let’s face it 50% of the stock in IWM are bleeding. BUT I always want exposure to small cap that I can’t get with other ETFS.
  3. Even if we get a correction (which we will, I don’t want to wake up in the morning and see some of my stocks down 20-40%. SEE META or SHOP) my portfolio will only be down as much as the broader market.
  4. SPY — does the balancing for me.
  5. I included $XLE because the other 4 really don’t have a big exposure to OIL And gas. XLE might be substituted for XBI (if I see oil has peaked ).

I will see where the indices are this week, I will NOT buy all 4 at the same time (unless if the stock market goes down 5-6% ).

Thanks for reading.

Solid broad funds, a safer bet than individual name picking. Can’t knock it. I’ve been buying into a broad index fund instead of picking names the last several months while I build more conviction to take more calculated shots
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HOLY smokes. Since like I like $KWEB since Chinese stocks have been beaten down (my cost 27.00– Now at 32). I decided To look at $KBWD. OMG. 5 of the top holding pay 15-20% dividend BUT those dividends can not be sustained. Thank goodness I checked under the hood of this ETF. I mean INVESCO is usually decent BUT this ETF is awful.

Im buying SQQQ. Holding until day end. Cost 33.78. I would like to hold longer but these 3X leveraged ETF can get killed long term.

Sold at 34.00. I will revisit TMMRw morning along with SOXS. The volume is soooo thin.
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