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2022 Optimist & Lithium Cassandra
Swing Trader with a penchant for junior mining stocks, not a believer in uranium or crypto.
Twitter DM's open. Ask me if I sold.
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Junior Miners - Potential Unrivalled
$FOXG.V is an excellent example of why I love investing in the junior mining sector.

'The Philibert Project is part of a rapidly emerging gold camp located a few kilometres southwest of Chibougamau, a highly regarded pro-mining region. The Project is owned by SOQUEM, a subsidiary of Investissement Québec and a leader in Quebec’s mineral exploration industry.'

Always important to state - junior mining is a high risk investment, and I only invest what I am comfortable losing, usually that's 1-2% allocation. In the case of FOXG, I was comfortable enough with management's reputation/track record and how they funded almost the entire PP themselves, as well as the success of other miners in the area, that I took a larger stake here (larger for me is never more than 5%!). The TSX-V is a small exchange, shares are generally illiquid and therefore difficult to sell when something goes awry. I intend to take back my initial investment once FOXG reaches >$0.10, and I will let the rest ride as I await drill results. Imagine a move like this prior to lab results, and you will see why I believe junior mining offers investors some of the best returns in the market. If you can stomach the volatility and stick to a strict set of rules you set for yourself, there are gems to be found.
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YES YES YES!!!! this is why you're paid the big $$$$$!!!
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JP Morgan: Buy Oil & Gas

'Oil and gas stocks offer a natural hedge against inflation -- particularly energy inflation -- and have outperformed broader indexes by a wide margin through 2021 and so far in 2022.'

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Why Vanadium? Part One
Currently working on a sequel to my initial early April Twitter post about vanadium. Since then, everything I have read causes me to be increasingly bullish on the metal. May have to change my name from 'Lithium Cassandra' to 'Vanadium Cassandra'...not there yet, but getting closer.

'We believe that in the next 10 years, vanadium will be the 'new lithium'. We see a lot of parallels on where the vanadium industry is now versus where the lithium industry was 10 years ago.'
'The global market for Vanadium Redox Battery estimated at US$237.5 Million in the year 2022, is projected to reach a revised size of US$592.4 Million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 20.9% over the analysis period.'
'Investors should expect rising profitability as we enter what we believe to be a bull market for vanadium. Vanadium-based energy storage systems...remarkable growth projection for long-duration storage needs over the next five years'
'It is vanadium mining that has got industry experts excited. We are in a global race for new-economy minerals. The Queensland government projected demand for vanadium redox flow batteries would grow "exponentially over the next decade.'
'Twenty years ago no vanadium went into cars, versus 45 percent today. By 2025, it’s estimated that 85 percent will incorporate vanadium alloy to reduce their weight, increasing their fuel efficiency to conform to stringent EPA fuel economy standards.'

Currently holding $VONE.V & $SR.V
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Rethinking Risk: Jurisdiction


Excellent article - some key quotes:

  • The need to secure new sources of metals for the energy transition amid sanctions on top producer Russia has increased the Africa risk appetite for major miners, who have few alternatives to the resource-rich continent.
  • “The reality is that the resources the world wants are typically located in difficult places,” said Steven Fox, executive chairman of New York-based political risk consultancy Veracity Worldwide.
  • The U.S. administration wants to position itself as a strong supporter of battery metals projects in sub-Saharan Africa, he said. “While Africa presents its challenges, those challenges are no more difficult than the corresponding set of challenges in Canada. It may be easier to actually bring a project to fruition in Africa, than in a place like Canada or the U.S.,” he added.
  • The United States has voiced support for new domestic mines, but projects have stalled. Rio Tinto’s Resolution copper project, for example, was halted over Native American claims on the land, and conservation issues.
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OEMs Insatiable Demand for Lithium
Aggressive targets for EV production will not be met unless auto manufacturers can secure the required supply of battery metals. Lithium may be an abundant resource but it's currently not mined and produced in sufficient quantities to meet demand, which is only increasing significantly every year.

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There are some very interesting dynamics at play with the lithium sector.

As with any mineral going from prospect to extraction takes an incredibly long time so it’s likely that EV makers will be in lithium deficit for some time.

I’m aware of some niche companies exploring the possibility of magnesium batteries instead of lithium. Which I don’t think would be used in EVs but could be used for general household batteries.

Another thing I noticed is that we seem to be advancing battery recycling I remember buying a pack of rechargeable batteries that quoted to be 5% recycled. I bought a pack this weekend and it claims to be 15% recycled.

Definitely bullish on lithium but keeping my eye out for niche alternatives like lithium recycling or magnesium batteries.
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EV Impacts - great post by @snippetfinance
Rapid changes lie ahead in the automobile manufacturing industry. There might never be a better time in history for investors to profit from such a significant change. It's global, the movement is supported and legislated by governments, and there is a massive supply shortage. Time to place your bets.

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Interview: Tremendous Buy Opportunity
I've made it well known that I am a fan of @inventacapital & Craig Parry.
'Never a better time to buy battery metals', 'last couple days Aussie markets significantly outperformed Canadian', 'tremendous buying stage for Canadian equities'
#nickel #lithium