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Will The Market Wake Up To Darling Ingredients $DAR?

Makes me think, when will the market wake up to $DAR

1) Hit a new ATH but pulled back due to market weakness
2) Broadening wedge formation with a 1 year base
3) Cup and handle pattern forming

Could this be a monster stock of 2022? A 100-200% move? That remains to be seen...
Wow if farmers don’t know about microbes, no wonder their soil is dead all across the country. Explains why Monsanto is so necessary; then and the farmers have killed every ounce of biodiversity in their fields🤦‍♂️this post (mine) has nothing to do with investing, just my rant about the ignorance of such a multi-billion dollar industry.
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State Of The Market
5,512 stocks on TradingView.

3,367 stocks are below the SMA 50 (avoid these).

1,434 above SMA 50 = 26% tradable stocks in the market imo.

640 stocks have volatility higher than 5% = 11.61% tradable stocks.

167 stocks have gains over 10% in the last 6 months = 3% tradable stocks.

132 stocks have gains over 10% in the last 3 months = 2.39% tradable stocks.

Filter the 132 for the best 20% of ideas.
Every Cycle Has Its Leaders
In the Dot-Com Bubble tech rally, leadership was dominated by $INTC $MSFT $DELL $CSCO but those leaders came crashing down, only one returned to former glory $MSFT

In this tech cycle, we had FAANG $FB $AAPL $AMZN $NFLX $GOOG - will we fall of the leaders this time round?

Poses an interesting question on who we think will be the next true market leaders
Whether you want to be a good investor or a good trader, you got to put in your 10,000 hours to master it. No exceptions.
Damn straight bro! I started with Goodwill books in 2011 and have never stopped learning. It’s easy for those of us that are passionate about it. Just glad I finally found a way to monetize a passion🤣
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Trading Chronicles 28/04/22 $AMR
Coal stocks are looking strong a sector. Was nervous to hold $AMR overnight last week because market was hanging on for dear life and revived off the back of $FB earnings.

Entered $AMR at $156 with a stop loss at $150. £8k positions. Currently in the green. Will most likely hold overnight but let's see.
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Trading Chronicles 27/04/22 - $AMR trade
Got stopped out of $AA earlier for £-55 loss. Took a redemption trade on $AMR and this paid £124.95 so I'm up by £69.85 on the day!

$AMR could go to $161 tomorrow but I was nervous holding it overnight in a choppy market. Baby steps to build back my confidence after a massive drawdown in stocks last week.

Hoping for another big move in $BTU and $CEIX tomorrow!
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Trading Chronicles 27/04/22 - $AA trade
After taking an absolute battering and big drawdowns this month on trades gone wrong on $MP $ZIM $AA $CENX, I thought it was time to take a small trade to find my feet again and build my confidence up.

Saw the $QQQ and $SPY rallying today so took a £8,000 position in $AA hoping it would rally too. It's been pretty battered the last couple of days (tbh weeks) so I thought this could be a nice mean reversion trade off the back of a market rally. Bought in at $69.40 (lololololol) and was looking for a move to $77 in the next couple of days.

Had a tight stop at $68.11 just in case it went badly. Pretty tight stop but it's back to being disciplined and not being a shmuck. I was looking to make about £880 and risking £152.

It did rally initially however, market weakness took over and it ended up hitting my stop. I saw the bearish engulfing candle and sold a bit earlier before it could hit my stop loss so I only took a loss of £-55.

Small loss but this for me is to build up proper discipline. In a declining market period, I need to be comfy taking my losses small and allowing my wins to be big.

Don't think I'll be taking anymore trades today but hope this is a valuable contribution!
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Sold $MP - down 30% - what did I learn?
So I bought the breakout on $MP at $56.5 but due to market weakness, it faded pretty quickly.

Last month, I made about £15.8k trading and so far this month, I'm down about £-5k or so. But, I don't dwell on the loss, I dwell on how I could have improved the trade.

A few ways I could have improved:

  • Observed the sector group. Lithium ETF $LIT was in sector decline and has been a stage 4 group for 9 weeks. Therefore, while playing the breakout, I should have had a stop loss in place and taken profits because this is a sector in decline.
  • Have proper sell rules. I put my hands up, I'm not the best at this. I'm quick to take my profits but patient to hold my losers. This is a game of discipline and frankly, I was not. From now on, my rule is to buy the breakout on the 1H or 2H chart and if the stock breaks the range, then I will sell.
  • LISTEN TO THE MARKET. I've always said, there are two types of people that make money in the stock market - those that are super smart and those that are super dumb. I am neither and therefore, I must listen to what the market is telling me rather than try act more intelligent than I am.

My goal is still to return 100% of my portfolio this year. As long as I follow the strong sectors, this should be doable.
Best to cut losses early instead of holding on for longer than you need to. Sucks, but good move
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