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Prem Watsa : Insurance Float
Prem Watsa, the Canadian Warren Buffett, on float .

Float is what makes insurance companies so attractive to investor like Warren Buffett, Tom Gayner and Prem Watsa.

Which insurance companies do you own ?
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Dollar a cost Averaging
Saw a tweet on Dollar Cost Averaging into a stock

That just doesn’t make sense to me .

Let’s say you hypothetically you want to DCA into Amazon

Studies show that stock prices oscillate widely around a central price every year.

And at certain prices a good business is no longer a good investment.

So DCA will force you to buy in m, when the business is overvalued due to the natural volatility of the market .

You can’t just buy into a stock at any price and expect to outperform

Substack: Nick Sleep
Nick Sleep once used the services of an Investment Bank.

He asked them to run a screen( which I mention in my newsletter post ) and it yielded 7 companies .

To know these companies check out my newsletter.

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Nick Sleep's Secret Sauce: How a Maverick Investor's Insights Can Supercharge Your Returns
Insights from Nick Sleep's Playbook

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