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Staying $LAZR Focused on This One
Extremely promising once automakers figure out the software issues surrounding the use of LIDAR - lots of delays to them making it into production cars. I just bought a couple shares today as a reminder staring directly at me in my portfolio to watch this closely.

I was early on this one- bought it right around the spac date, can't remember if I made money or not (I switched brokerages so I lost a lot of historical data), but with the price down here perhaps it's worth revisiting. Thanks for putting this one back in my radar!
Viva Las $VICI
Many don’t realize the famed Vegas strip buildings are mostly leased… the casinos don’t own the structures. Vegas is RED HOT right now with F1, a new NFL stadium, the Super Bowl, a Major League Baseball team coming, potentially an NBA team and the insanely awesome new MSG Sphere opening next month. I’ll do a further analysis of $VICI later, but I love it at this price (& dividend) as they own the majority of the Vegas Strip - one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in The World.

$VITL Earnings Beat
As I’ve posted about multiple times, set a limit order for $15… but then didn’t want to be greedy. I’m perfectly happy with a 30% gain - way to go Vital! Let’s see how the market treats the stock again before next earnings release.

My Argument for $VITL This Week“Don’t Chicken Out” (VIDEO)
I’m trying something new and will start giving arguments for stocks via video. I’ve brought up $VITL Vital Farms many times before here and really believe earnings this Thursday will be fantastic. Have a watch and give me your thoughts!
Don't Chicken Out on This Egg Company - Stock Pick of the Week
This egg company is dominating the sustainability and organic market. Find out why it's my stock pick of the week.TIME STAMPS01:54 Product Quality05:40 Retai...

No Respect for $VITL
Same old story with this one, so I’ll gladly make the same old trade. A seriously disrespected stock with full year revenue guidance that is out of this world - why so much hate?! At lowest level of the year, scoop this up now, because it will spike at next quarterly earnings call.

I at first thought, based on the title you gave this post, that you were sharing a bearish take! I just took a quick look at the most recent conference call:
Q1 revenue was close to half of the implied growth for the year. EBITDA for Q1 is also close to half of full-year guidance. $VITL is selling a premium product and we're still operating in a challenging macro environment.
Commonstock Issue Showing Loss?
This trade was definitely not a loss… this was actually pure profit from a previous sale a year or two ago. But even so, the cost basis was less than the share price - @commonstock any ideas why it would show as a loss?

Hey Derek, thanks for bringing this to our attention! We’ll have the engineers take a look and see what’s up. Thanks!
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