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Consequence scanning fed rate hikes
Intended consequences:
Reduce demand
Reduce spend

Unintentional consequences:
Rising unemployment
Rise in death rate

But where do things like Savings rates fit?
What mitigate can be done to undo unintentional consequences?

For those unfamiliar, here is a great read on consequence scanning:
I think the real oversight is not looking at the effect of the lockdowns and shutting down the economy. The inflation of goods and services I believe is due to money printing as well as lack of supply.
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Posting this because the algorithm thinks I only use other fuel. I am proud to be in line for Aptera's electronic three-wheeler. Most exciting parts for me are the right to repair program and relentless efficiency (including a solar roof)
Inflation Bonds
I bought i-bonds direct in December and bought 50% more today. Can you think of a better yield throughout the next 6 months than 9% that is not ultra short options/margin?
Bonds are something I have never bought before, because I don't fully understand them, other than what they literally are.

What % of your net worth do you tend to allocate to bonds?
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ISO: Trade Ideas for China
Consider this a therapy session. This is a safe place. Let it all out.
I am really interested in a long term position in $BABA in the future.

They have been a political pawn for China as I expect it to be a a very strong comeback story once it can clear the heavy resistance of the weekly 20SMA.

I could see it well over $150 over the next 5 years. Am I buying today? No. Am I watching closely for an entry? Yes.
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