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Economic Calendar for the Week
Happy Monday all!

Economic Calendar
Fun week ahead - Retail and Housing Data peppered with Fed Speeches.

Fed Chair Powell speaks at 2pm ET on Tuesday, 17 May with with Nick Timiraos At the Wall Street Journal Future of Everything Festival
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Happy FOMC Day!
While we wait for our favorite, JPow to make an announcement on rates and QT, here's a bit of fun reading on the history of what happened during the last attempt at tightening.

May the 4th Be With You!

Update on Commodities Poll
I did a commodities poll a month ago and said we would check back in a month to see which commodity actually wins.

Here's the Poll:

And... we were right! Here's the one-month update from Koyfin:
1) Nat Gas
2) Wheat
3) Soybean
4) Crude Oil WTI
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The Weekend Edition # 39
Happy Weekend all. A shorter newsletter this week.

Some thoughts on supply chains and earnings summary, and of course the market recap and calendars.

Wow, trucking costs up almost 300% because of driver shortages! (and 120 container vessels being on hold at Shanghai’s ports.)

I haven’t heard too much of the west doing another round of Covid lockdowns— should we more worried about that possibility since China is locking down again?
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Just finished reading this after I saw you share it, never knew Aswath had a substack! I usually went to his blog page every week or two to see if he had new articles.
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Capital Raises for REITs
  • Equity issuance totaled $10.2 billion, including $9.7 billion raised through common equity offerings and $545 million raised through preferred equity offerings. Total equity issuance in 2021: Q1 was $13.2 billion, with $6.1 billion in 2020: Q1.
  • Debt issuance totaled $10.0 billion raised at the secondary market, down from the $22.1 billion issued in 2021: Q1 and $21.5 billion in 2020: Q1.
  • At-the-market equity issuance was $5.2 billion in 2022: Q1, following $6.7 billion in 2021: Q4. In 2021, $21.8 billion was raised at-the-market, helping propel REITs to a record $133.6 billion raised.
Source: NAREIT
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Interesting that debt issuance is now coming back down from covid, do you know if the broader REIT market has been paying down that debt at all, or they now just more levered after covid?
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The Weekend Edition # 38
Hi all, I hope you're having a great long weekend.
This week on the Weekend Edition

Market Recap
Sector Focus - The Airlines $JETS
Earnings Quotes - $JPM, $BLK, $UNH, $DAL;
Economic & Earnings Calendar