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I’m a value investor with a background in the creative industry. Studying to obtain investment advisor qualifications.

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$BABA is moving
Revenues are trending up while prices to sales are at historical lows. From a long term perspective, I can't find a reason not to invest in Alibaba. So stocked I got to average my buy at such a low prices
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I just can't understand how the market is pricing this company! Considering the macro risks of investing in China, the zero covid tolerance policy and a slowing economy, this is still super cheap. Am I missing something?
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You're in good company. As you probably know, Warren Buffett's co-chair Charlie Munger was in this stock for part of last year and this year for similar reasons, and then dumped the stock as it kept slip-sliding lower.

I also attempted to catch the bottom on $BABA last fall for similar reasons. When it made a new low, we took the small loss and moved on.

It's one of those stocks where it's tempting to average down.
But the stock has yet to make a new near-term high. So the lower-risk play (see chart) might be to wait until it makes a new weekly or monthly high, and THEN buy.

In that case, the bet would be that Chinese smartmoney is anticipating that some of the dark clouds hanging over the stock - delisting threats, slowing growth, Chinese regulators, rising rates, etc - might go away in the future (for reasons that may not be entirely clear at the moment when BABA's stock finally makes its move).
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$BABA is now the second biggest position in my portfolio. Check the revenue and free cash flow of this company! I can't believe I was able to buy this for 85 dollars per share. Thank you, Mr Market; feel free to keep crashing it so I can buy more!
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New trade $RH
$RH is a new addition to my portfolio. Very excited about this company at these prices. Looking to keep averaging down my entry hopefully. I’ll post a full analysis on this stock soon!!
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Three signs a stock is not a buy!
When I started investing, like many more fools before me, I was obsessed with an ultimate goal: make money, make lots of it, and make it fast!

Totally agree. I scan through the Seeking Alpha peer comparison, look at 40-50 metrics real quick, and will dismiss 9/10 or more companies based on a few simple things I don’t like that show weakness from an operational standpoint. Keeps me from buying regrets now and allows me to hold with the utmost confidence, regardless of what Mr Market says the price is, knowing price will eventually follow reality, not investor emotion.
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$NFLX revenue keeps growing and net income basically doubled in the past year showing a company that is becoming more profitable year after year.

ROIC in 2021 was 46% which means management know-how to reinvest for profit. FCF is trending in the right direction. The balance sheet is not exceptional but very decent. It's the only streaming platform with truly international reach.

I'm very bullish on Netflix at this price. It is now 10% of my portfolio. Big position.
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When they solve the password sharing problem that should add substantial to their revenue, as it is a big problem for them right now.
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$NFLX is down 7% today ...I started building a position. I see value and significant competitive advantage in this company at this level. If it keeps going down, I'll keep averaging into my full position.

What do you think of Netflix?
Is inflation mean reverting?
The main finding of some white papers studies is that inflation with high certainty is mean-reverting. If we accept that assumption and we look at the inflation rate history, we might be sitting at resistance levels and we could see a strong deceleration of inflation in the next months.

if so, the contrarian view would be to now position your portfolio for deflation rather than stagflation.

It is important to point out that this is just a thought, not a prediction of any kind. Views are very divided on the matter and rightfully so.

It is certain to me that inflation is fighting very strong secular deflationary trends.
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History of returns and drawdowns. Interesting chart to put the current situation in context.
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"An investment operation is one which, upon thorough analysis, promises safety of principal and a satisfactory return. Operations not meeting these requirements are speculative."
Ben Graham