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Portfolio changes - update 9
Hello friends, today I moved further with my portfolio consolidation process.

  • I sold out of $S, there's nothing specific wrong there, but I stay stunned by just how Microsoft's position throughout all kinds of enterprise software is strong. Crowdstrike, Microsoft and SentinelOne usually score the best in all sorts of 3rd party research, therefore it makes sense for me to consolidate.

SentinelOne is great, but we are entering a very unkeen environment for companies heavily spending instead of bringing cash flows, which I'm fine with, but when looking at the optionality, profitability and growth, I'm very much fine with $MSFT here. Many maybe don't know, but $MSFT is growing its CyberSec division by 50%, or at least did YoY, pulling about $15B in sales last year, which is just INSANE! So, from now on my coverage of CyberSec will be through $GOOGL (soon to likely buy $MNDT), $NET $DDOG $MSFT $ZS and $SNOW.

  • I also sold a position in $SE as I'm beginning to be very concerned about their tempo of cash burn (about $1,9B in Q4 and additional $1,6B in Q1) despite management's encouraging comments regarding coming profitability. So for now, no $SE for me. $MELI in this condition looks like a better R/R now to me.
  • I added significantly to my $MSFT position, should be visible by tomorrow. I also added to my other favorites such as $AAPL $TTD $TSLA and $NVDA.
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I like the stable growth companies with a long track record of success. So I’m definitely with you on the $GOOG, $MSFT, and $NVDA. Analyzing the newer companies is out of my wheelhouse. I like the valuation of Microsoft and Google especially, but bought Nvidia for both kids’ custodial accounts. Personally, I don’t think there are two better companies on the planet than Google and Microsoft to own. When my safety of principle is considered. Especially after they were the sole two companies standing after last weeks research. Impressive.
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Down 86%, I'm broke
Hi all, I am new to commonstock and have joined the platform to get some quality advice.

To tell you about my full investing experience: I started investing in June 2020 with around 100k in savings. Being a twitter user I went for advice there. I rapidly made big gains and my portfolio went to 180k in september. Back then I started taking debt to invest, I could borrow an extra 150k. Between september and february my portfolio was obviously in the green every day, I quit my job, started going to expensive restaurants, invited my girlfriend on ski trip in the best hotels. The sky was literally the limit. Mid february came the first market pullback, something completely new to me... however after some margin calls I was able to get through june 21 with a portfolio worth 400k minus 123k in debt. Over the summer I remained invested in the high flying tech names $ZS $CRWD $FSLY $UPST $SOFI $TSLA $LSPD $SE and so on I guess you know the music too. To keep a long story short and not to bother you too much, my portfolio is now down 86% from its peak and I am hugely indebted... I got margin call after margin call, my mortgage application got rejected and I still have 100k to pay back. I am basically broke as even if I sell all I still have today I cannot even pay my debt back. And I don't even talk you about the $SOFI shares I added on margin before its earnings release... All of this to say I really don't know what to do, I just want to liquidate my whole portfolio and get back to March 2020 where I did not know anything about the stock market and I still had my job. So basically I don't expect a lot from commonstock but would be grateful to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading till the end. #bullsneverdie
Head up man. LEARN from your experiences and you will thank yourself years from now for going through this and being better for it. You came to the right place to learn. Commonstock has an exceptional community and like minded investors with QUALITY conversation. I’d personally avoid Twitter for any investment advice. Without the verified portfolio and trade activity visibility, there’s a lot of a bad actors over there and hardly any accountability. Glad to have you on board here, I’m confident you will really like what you find!
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Portfolio changes - update 8
Hey friends, there's a lot of cleaning I'm doing, for real. It's getting tricky, as there's basically no companies I view as weak in my portfolio, now it's reaching a point where I have to consider just how much the position covers what I want it for and whether there's others that can do so instead, so I can consolidate further. I tend to prefer optionality over specialization. So:

  • I sold $ENPH - it's simply hard for me to pass on $TSLA at $700, I also sold $ASML as I see $AMD $NVDA and $QCOM more lucrative when looking at valuation vs revenue and earnings growth. Again, this all is about personal preferences and there's a lot of bias and other nuances of data points somewhere in my head that get me to those decisions.
  • On the other hand, I initiated positions in $SNOW and $ZS, as mentioned previously. I like this pricing.
  • I added to my positions in $ABNB $DDOG $MDB $NET $COIN (although I'm staying cautious there) $TEAM and $TSLA.
When I was studying Solar in 2015-16, I was screaming at the top of my lungs for people to buy Enphase ~$3. All the experts said avoid, while dropping their fancy acronyms and useless info. Meanwhile, our college entrepreneur program was installing Enphase on literally 100% of our residential installs. Was obvious to us they were going to be the leader in the space. Definitely been crazy over valued for a while now, wise to get out.
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Portfolio plans
My stock buy list for 2022
Crypto: $ETH
Hardware/AI: $NVDA $AMD $TSLA Software: $DDOG $SNOW $CRWD $ZS $MDB I plan make each of these at least a 5% holding, as I believe each is leader and will have the best recovery/growth story going forward
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Portfolio changes - update '?'
Hey, I've been going through my portfolio once again, as I'm slowly doing the consolidation process, evaluating whether there's not too much of an overlap between my holdings. I think I reached a phase where I don't see anything too weak, but quite a lot of strong performing businesses I'm looking to add to, actually. I'm not saying I won't sell anything moving on, but even if I do it will be solely for the highest conviction add purposes/just better opportunities in the space.

  • I think it's worth mentioning I'm looking to open a position in $ZS, I think it's a tremendous company that fits nicely within my investing themes, mainly in the enterprise and CyberSec space. As I'm going more in-depth, I'll definitely be adding to $MDB which I bought recently, their optionality is just way beyond what it appears to be on the surface and I'm absolutely mind-blown by all the possibilities and diversification they have.

  • I was looking to go deeper into Life sciences/Biotech/Health, but since I'm no real expert there but still I'm very interested in the space and I believe it's the future, I'm going to play the industry through companies like $GOOGL (large investments in all sorts of biotech companies via Google Ventures), $HIMS which I consider more of a technology/commerce company within the health space (telemedicine combined with branded products, many sold as a recurring subscription sort of), and companies such as $MDB and $PLTR which literally offer their software platforms to pharma companies which utilize them for all sorts of stuff such as data & analytics, gene sequencing, ...

So far by doing all this consolidation, I went from 57 to 45 when it comes to number of holdings and expect that number to naturally fall further as those industries consolidate, there's some M&A activity going on in tough cash tight environment and as some business just don't perform as much as I had expected them to do, which will result in further forming of core names I'll be adding to and sticking to long-term.
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My $ZS trades
Re-allocation of XYL funds.

Transaction Journal Entry:
Same underlying business but valuation being dragged down by The Great Revaluation.

Metrics I track on each buy:
P/S - 31.15
Forward P/S - 18.73
PSG - 0.35
P/FCF - 136
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Brief news 3/5/22
$AAPL partnered with $ROKU and launched Apple Music app on Roku.

$AMZN plans to create about 2500 corporate and tech jobs in California with expansions in Santa Monica, Irvine and San Diego.

$ENPH expanded their solar energy deployments in the Netherlands.

$FVRR introduced AI generated voice auditions for voiceover artists so they don't have to read a single sentence from a script now.

$KIND launched new neighbor features to increase transparency and encourage constructive conversations; fight toxicity using an AI and Machine Learning.

$SPOT partnered with $RBLX to launch a Spotify Island - a virtual paradise where fans and artists can hang out and explore sounds, quests and exclusive merch/content. Players can also enjoy an immersive audio experience by creating music and exploring sounds at the virtual beat-maker stations powered by Soundtrap. Try it out if you want:

$ZI acquired Comparably and renamed their RecruitingOS to the TalentOS. Their offering now looks like this:

ZoomInfo also released earnings yesterday, here visualized:

$ZS appointed Brendan Castle as a Chief People Officer. Brendan brings about 30 years of experience to the company and previously led $GOOGL's 3000-person global recruiting organization covering all hiring from new graduates to industry and executive for all products, services, sales, and engineering.
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