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Purchase #16 -- We gave choice, you chose $FIGS
We switched things up a little bit last week. We offered up three potential investments on our YouTube channel -- $FIGS, $YOU, and $KNBE -- but let people vote on which we should put $250 into.

The winner was FIGS. Here's what you need to know...

We'll readily admit that this is the type of company -- manufacturing, low-moat, not subscription -- that we don't often get excited over. But FIGS is in a unique position and we'll own a very small slice to learn from.

What do you think?
FIGS is...
33%A great company, not stock
16%A great company, great stock
50%Really not sure
24 VotesPoll ended on: 08/19/22
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My $SHOP trades "The Brian's Commonstock Portfolio"
@brianstoffel and @brianferoldi decided to add to a current position in $SHOP for the first time this week.

I've added another $100 to my $SHOP position

I LOVE this decision by Brian & Brian. Tobi Lutke, Shopify's outstanding CEO, recently owned up to the mistake of expanding too fast for the e-commerce shift caused by the pandemic. The good news, as Brian Stoffel pointed out, is that e-commerce growth is still growing up and to the right, just not as fast as Tobi thought it would. This is a great example of buying low in a stock that does have a wide moat and should keep expanding in the future.

For next week Stock's selection, the Brian's are letting you decide which stock they will be investing in. Well, kind of. You get to pick between:

I wasn't too excited about these three choices, to be honest. I've heard outstanding things about Figs, but I'm worried the TAM could be a little small and I'm not sure how much of a MOAT they really have.

Clear Secure seems like the TAM is small as well and potential privacy concerns.

I don't know anything about KnowBe4.

I voted for Figs and it's currently winning. Please vote and you will help the Brian's decide which stock I invest $100 into next week!
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I had to use the Clear Secure App to be on the floor of a trade show earlier this year. It was easy to use and I could have all of my documents on hand when I needed them. Made sense in that particular situation!

I fear their fate will be similar to Affirm’s, where the bigger companies identify the disruption and adjust course before the smaller company can capture significant market share. Banks caught onto Affirm’s disruptive concept, and Apple can do the same to Clear. Apple Watch and Apple Wallet have reached mass adoption stages, and focus on health & personal document storage. Because of this, it will be an uphill battle for Clear. Let’s see if they can execute.
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Upcoming Earnings Calendar (March 21st-25th)
Two heavy-hitters reporting next week: Nike and Adobe. Really interested in seeing what Nike has to say about supply chains after the recent events. Carnival Cruise and Nio should also be interesting. Full list of companies below.





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