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$AMD's acquisition of $XLNX was one of the best moves Lisa could've possibly made and the decision will pay large dividends for years to come.

here, well illustrated in this graphics from $AMD's latest financial analyst day:

Zynq and Versal SoCs are Xilinx's products. now you should get a picture of just how huge this acquisition is in terms of future growth potential beyond industries $AMD used to be in.

big game changer widening the product portfolio and growth trajectory for $AMD instantly! at this point, there's a large overlap between $AMD and $QCOM in terms of why I initially bought Qualcomm in my portfolio (mostly 5G and IoT thesis) and so I plan to sell my $QCOM for $AMD as I'm much more bullish on $AMD and Lisa! large things coming for $AMD and $NVDA in terms of edge computing, FPGAs and OpenRANs. here, some snippets from both suggesting how big of a deal O-RANs are:

results of $XLNX acq already paying off for $AMD:

on O-RANs from $NVDA's last earnings call:

for reference, a recent report suggests O-RAN market should be worth $32B in 2030, representing a 42% CAGR between now and then.

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Brief news 19/4/22
$AAPL says expanding the use of recycled materials across all products, says about 20% of all material they used last year was recycled.

$AMD appointed Hasmukh Ranjan as AMD's Chief Information Officer, previously served in $XLNX as a CIO pre-acquisition. AMD also partnered with Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team and provided them their EPYC processors to deliver performance improvement for computational fluid dynamics of approximately 20% compared to their previous system.

$AMZN is reportedly working on a mysterious AR Smart home product.

$ENPH expanded agreement with ADT Solar, a rooftop solar provider which will now exclusively offer Enphase's IQ8 Microinverters for their home energy solution.

$MSFT to allow advertising on its Xbox games.

$PATH announced a partnership with NCS for the deployment of enterprise-grade automation capabilities. The partnership will support NCS in their goal towards becoming the leading technology services firm in Asia Pacific with an automation-first approach to services delivery. The joint go-to-market effort will bring the power of automation to both public and private enterprises from across industries, such as telecommunications, government, and financial services, particularly in high growth markets like Singapore, Australia, and Asia Pacific.

$RBLX down on news that Kim Kardashian's Sex Tape was advertised to her son on Roblox. Roblox has already banned the developer of the game that claimed to have an additional footage of her sex tape from 2007.

$ROKU partnered with FTX crypto exchange to provide customized advertising solutions for them. Roku also introduced Roku's clean room, a privacy-first collaboration environment for advertisers and agencies to use their encrypted data to make planning and measure ad campaigns with Roku easier, without relying on cookies.

$TSLA reportedly has 100k FSD Beta users, actively collecting large chunks of data for Tesla. Reports from Automobilwoche saying Giga Berlin currently at 350 Model Y's per week with plans to ramp this up to 1000 per week by the end of April. Tesla's insurance service launched in Oregon, Virginia and Colorado.

$ZM introduced Zoom Whiteboard, a collaboration canvas for Hybrid Teams.
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Great article. I bought more $TXN today. Great earnings and I especially appreciate that they do spend more on Capex and expect to do so in the future. Reinvestment into the business is more imporant than payouts to shareholders/buybacks.
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Big Week Ahead! (Oct 25-29 Earnings Calendar)
Next week will probably be the most interesting week for the stock market this quarter. The largest companies in the world are all reporting and we'll get a lot of very valuable insights.

Here's what I'm interested in:
  • More context on the slowdown in ad spending from $FB $GOOG and $TWTR. Let's see if these companies are experiencing similar issues to the ones $SNAP mentioned yesterday.
  • Comments on the global supply chain issues from $KMB $MMM $GLW $LOGI and others.
  • A general update from $AMD $TDOC $SHOP and$AMZN.
  • Perspectives on the energy market from $XOM $CVX

Comment below what earnings call you're looking forward to!

Remember you can automatically sync your portfolio's earning dates to your personal calendar with just a couple of clicks here.





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Ark Invest Daily Trades - 12/21
Broken out by Company:

Broken out by ETF:

Cathie Wood on 12/18 regarding when Ark invests in FAANG stocks:

"As a bull market extends, we do move into more 'cash-like' equities; they would be the less volatile stocks.

Certainly FAANG & $MSFT fit that.

We would do that increasingly."


Ticker, Trade Amount ($M):

$AAPL, $53.3M
$GOOGL, $50.1M
$SHOP, $26.4M
$BABA, $17.4M
$NVDA, $15.9M
$ADBE, $12.9M
$REGN, $10.4M
$AMZN, $8.5M
$RHHBY, $7.6M
$VRTX, $6.6M
$BIDU, $4.2M
$LGVW, $3.9M
$IONS, $2.8M
$JD, $2.5M
$FLIR, $2.4M
$U, $2.2M
$KMTUY, $1.8M
$KAKZF, $0.4M
$CDXS, $0.3M
$EXAS, $0.2M
$BLI, $0M
$XONE, $-0.4M
$VCYT, $-0.5M
$MTLS, $-0.8M
$WORK, $-1.3M
$CDNA, $-1.3M
$IBKR, $-1.6M
$TRU, $-2.5M
$EDIT, $-3.2M
$PD, $-3.4M
$TWST, $-3.5M
$XLNX, $-4.3M
$CRSP, $-5.5M
$TWLO, $-13M
$SPOT, $-13.1M
$SQ, $-35.4M
$ROKU, $-52.1M
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Interesting to see them rotate into more traditional tech names like $GOOG and $AAPL. Seems like they're not the only ones thinking we may be reaching a peak soon.
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EPS: .41 (.35 est.)
REV: $2.8 B ($2.56 B est.)

Last year EPS: .18 / $1.8 B

25% YoY growth

$AMD pulling a classic $AAPL earnings here.

Great earnings and major buyout of rival chipmaker Xilinx for 35B. Prime for putting itself in position for taking on Intel for the next decades.

Stock down 5% 😂 $XLNX up 10%

Your thoughts? #imbullish
Ark Invest Daily Trade 10/21/20

  • Ark Invest now owns $422.5M shares of $WORK .
  • Across all 7 ETF's, $WORK is their 6th largest position out of 220 holdings.
  • No sale of $SQ shares today on the $JPM 's new QuickAccept service.
  • No sale of $ZS today despite 2 days of selling.
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A part of the market that I don't think $MSFT can capture are contractors. As the number of freelance designers, developers, etc increase (currently ~35% of the workforce generally, across industries) the need for internal comms between full time and freelance emerges. Slack does a better job connecting members of a company with another company and allowing them to communicate directly. Example: when we do a pen test with a security firm they plug into a private $WORK channel on our slack. It's temporary and extremely effective. Not only does $MSFT not allow this but it helps slack grow across organizations (as opposed to just within them).
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