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May 2022 💸 Dividends Recap
Hello fellow investors 👋
Here is the list of expected dividends for May 2022. The months of May/Aug/Nov/Feb are not the best ones from a cash flow point of view, but I am pretty happy anyway.
I will total $1,570 pre-tax as dividends from my stocks. 👇

The larger inflow will come from $NHI and the smaller from $WSM

Money will then be re-invested in the portfolio weekly.
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Last Week's Buy Ratings & More: MDA, RH, IIPR, RY, WSM, plus JPM Earnings Analysis
Hey everyone,

Below are our most recent buy ratings from the past week, which are free to read.

Besides the buy ratings, check out our JPM article from last week titled “Using JPMorgan's Earnings Call For Recession Clues” where we break down the biggest bank’s earnings to determine if a recession is coming soon or not.

Note: This is NOT professional financial advice.

Most of these Buy ratings are in downtrends, meaning that the chances for more short-term downside are high (as traders, we know this to be true). The ratings are not based on technical analysis. They are meant for long-term investors that have a long-term time frame.

Anyways, here they are:

  1. MDA to the Moon, Literally (TSX: MDA)

MDA is an established Canadian space technology company with a long history of success and innovation. It’s been around for more than 50 years. We are bullish due to its successful history, high efficiency, and good valuation. It is roughly 50% off its all-time highs.

  1. RH Stock: More Resilient than Investors Think

$RH, also known as Restoration Hardware, sells furniture, lighting, textiles, decor, and more. It has been beaten down as well, currently 57% off its highs. This offers a decent entry point for long-term investors.

  1. IIPR Stock: Sell Short at Your Own Risk

Innovative Industrial Properties ($IIPR) is a triple-net-lease cannabis REIT. Essentially, it makes money from owning cannabis properties and leasing them out to other cannabis companies. It is HIGHLY profitable and pays a nice, quickly-growing dividend.

This stock has done very well historically, but now, it is about 45% off its highs. It got pushed down even lower by a short-seller report that is likely to not have much merit to it (similar to a 2020 short-seller report on the company).

  1. Royal Bank of Canada: Does Valuation Outweigh Headwinds?

Royal Bank of Canada ($RY) is Canada’s largest bank in terms of market capitalization. We believe that big Canadian banks have competitive advantages due to the oligopoly they enjoy, and we believe that RY stock is undervalued.

  1. Williams-Sonoma: Dividends, Buybacks Offer High Return Potential

Williams-Sonoma ($WSM) sells home products like furniture, bedding, lighting, rugs, and more. Currently 39% off its highs, we believe this is another good stock for the long term. Its low valuation allows the company to buy back many shares on top of having a respectable, growing dividend. It also has high returns on capital, steady growth, and record profit margins despite high inflation.

Thanks for reading! If there are any stocks/topics you’d like us to cover, hit us up!
And subscribe to our free substack here, where we send out our buy ratings, market analysis, and more.
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CGC Q1'22 Quarterly Letter - Can you relate?
Cedar Grove Capital released its Q1'22 letter last week and wanted to share it with you all here.

While the quarter was a challenging one, we ended the quarter with 18% in cash and are strategically positioned to continue the rest of the year deploying dry powder in opportunistic areas.

Our holdings are included below - would love anyone's thoughts on them if they have any to share.



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Cedar Grove Capital Q1'22 Investor Letter
Hi all,

For anyone interested, Cedar Grove Capital will be releasing its first investor letter next week for Q1'22.

This letter will encompass our holdings, position sizing, returns, my thoughts for the portfolio going forward and select commentary for certain positions.

Click the link below to subscribe and get it when it comes out.

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Dividend Stock #8 🪑 $WSM
Hello fellow investors 👋
Post #8 out of #51, where I introduce you to the stocks in my portfolio.

I want to take the opportunity today to speak about Williams-Sonoma; the company just reported earnings two days ago, so I will integrate the full company picture with some fresh juicy news. 🤩

I want at first stay that company CEO is Laura J. Alber - It is very important to me to point out when such a successful company has a female CEO. Don't get me wrong; I don't want to turn such a post into a social fight. But a company where a woman can have a career (starting as a simple buyer in 1995) and become CEO in 2010 says a lot about the company culture.

$WSM can be unknown in Europe, but it's a powerful brand in the home furnishings industry, not less famous than IKEA in the US market.

Here their brand portfolio and market position

What I love about this company is the strong transformation they were able to pull out regarding digital sales. Their policy of Digital Sales first was winning, producing more than 70% of revenue through digital channels:

The company is well-positioned and successfully faced the Covid challenge. The stock price skyrocketed during 2021 and now comes back on earth due to the last six months' bear market. I consider the stock bit expensive yet, having the actual Yield lower than the five-year average.

I want to spend a moment to show a couple of slides from the Q4 2021 earning report.
Revenues are strong on all the brands.

And what is remarkable, gross profit and operating income improved A LOT.

So I am very happy with this investment, which is returning me +168% from when I bought it, and it is also giving me a fat dividend cheque every quarter (they just increased the dividend by +9.9%).

YES, $WSM is also a strong dividend payer, having an increasing dividend from 12 years with a 5 Year Growth Rate 0f 11.9% 🤩

Today, $WSM represents 1.5% of my dividend portfolio.

Do you like such posts?
Give it an upvote, and follow me for more. 👍
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Love this! I have $WSM and I'm very happy, even though I'm currently down, about 4%, it's early for me, just held it for almost 6 months, so I'm not concerned. I was happy that they were able to pivot to online and make it work so well. The dividend has been good as well. I'm looking forward to holding this one for the long-term. Really looking forward to seeing what Laura Alber is going to bring in the future.

Great post and information!
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Williams-Sonoma 💸 $0.78/share (+9.9% increase)
Thank you, $WSM, for the juicy increase 👍
Yield 2.04%
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Upcoming Earnings Calendar! (March 14th - 18th)
Earnings season is slowing down, but there are still several very interesting companies reporting next week.

  • $DLO - This company is really interesting. Growing quickly and profitably (28% net profit margin last quarter) while solving a real pain-point for companies.
  • $GTLB - Don't know much about this company, but I've seen a lot of people commenting on it lately so I'll keep an eye out.
  • $S - Extremely expensive cybersecurity stock.
  • $FDX - Not interested in investing in the business, but very interested in their outlook for the supply chain and the impact of higher energy costs.
  • $LEN - Homebuilder. Let's see what their comments are on the supply chain + demand for housing in the US.

What company are you interested in?

If you'd like an easier way to track earnings dates, you can automatically sync your portfolio's earning dates to your personal calendar with just a couple of clicks here.





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My January Portfolio
Happy New Year everyone! The plan is to continue to make small moves and keep everything else nice and steady. I do have plans to make some moves in a few weeks. I'm looking to increase my share in $WSM, after not doing it last month, as I wanted to sit out the craziness of December. I felt it was best to just start fresh.

I'm still a big fan of $ABNB, even with the new variant, I believe they are set up to push right through without any issues. As $TSLA continues to have a good runup, this work well into my plan to closeout that position in a few weeks. I'm mainly going to do this because I have other things on my watchlist that fit into my mindset for 2022, and I need those funds to fund it. All in all, looking to forward to see what this year and month have to bring.
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My December Portfolio
From last month to now, I'm keeping with my trend of adding to my winners. $ABNB is still going strong and thanks to dollar cost averaging, rather than timing anything, I picked up a little more during last weeks dip.

With that being the case $SQ and $PINS are moving down my list. I'm looking to make $WSM a bigger holding, as the holiday season should be a great time for them. December will be interesting to see how everything goes, since a lot of selling will happen because of taxes, plus other COVID moves, and rebalancing of portfolios.
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