Opportunities not widely shared
There’s a lot of misconceptions about investing. I hear a lot of people, including successful people say that it’s not worth it to invest in the stock market. I think that’s not true depending on what you’re talking about. There’s many ways to make money for the now and later.

People just don’t know about the various strategies. For the long term, there are great ETFs like $VOO $VTI $QQQ and more. These should be the foundation of your portfolio.

For current income, you can buy dividend stocks, sell covered calls and puts, and day trade and swing trade. The stock market offers many ways to invest for the future and for current income at the same time. I suggest having separate accounts for current and future income.
My April Returns Are In!... And They're Not Great.
Thank God I'm a buy-and-hold investor whose horizon is 20+years!

My retirement brokerage, which is ~92% of all my equity/crypto investments, trailed all three benchmarks I use ($SPY, $QQQ, and $VTI) but, honestly, not as badly as I thought.

YTD is a tad bit worse.

My taxable brokerage, which is is heavy in early stage medtech companies and much smaller and thus more prone to return swings, is also held up surprisingly well.

YTD on the taxable is a bit worse than Retirement.

Regardless, I keep buying when I can and looking to the future when we can look back to this time period and go, "Man, those were cheap prices. I wish I had bought more!"
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Proxy Voting - What About ETFs?
There was a good conversation about proxy voting on Monday’s Motley Fool Money
I had a thought - do proxy votes get cast for companies that are held in ETFs? Example - does Vanguard vote for all the equivalent shares of $AAPL it holds in $VTI?
Interested in this idea with the growing popularity of ETFs. Either these holding companies carry a lot of power or an increasing number of shares are going unrepresented
Would love to know if anybody knows the answer!
Portfolio Review
I am tagging along and sharing my portfolio for public discussion, like @strib, @growthinvesting, @investor_from_nepal, @from100kto1m and @sammeciar have done.

These holdings are split between two Merrill Edge accounts - a Taxable Brokerage for shorter term goals/possible early retirement and a Roth IRA built for dividend income in retirement.

I am 29 years old and a chemical engineer. These accounts have been built more or less over the last 6 years (minus the $CMA position). I contribute as I can, and utilize my Scorecard to indicate where to deploy new capital. As I mentioned yesterday, the ETFs are from Wealthfront accounts I rolled over into my self-directed accounts. I am not big on selling and the only positions on this list I have "trimmed" are $CMA, $VEA and $VWO.

Breakdown of where these holdings are residing:

Both Accounts:



What are your thoughts?

Any questions/suggestions/advice?
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Portfolio History
I was inspired by @stonkmetal's recent post about his portfolio change since inception.

I ran a similar comparison with my Taxable Brokerage. This comparison is from my June 2020 brokerage statement compared to holdings as of 4/11/22.

June 2020 Top Holdings:
  1. $CMA - 48.5%
  2. $AAPL - 7.1%
  3. $SBUX - 4.3%

Total Holdings: 18

Between 2020 and today, the primary change is that I rolled my Taxable Brokerage that I had from Wealthfront into this account. This is where the large exposure to ETFs came into play. I estimate that 10-15 current positions are from the Welathfront transfer.

Today Top 3 Holdings:
  1. $CMA - 13.5%
  2. $VTI - 12.4%
  3. $VEA - 7.6%

Total Holdings: 46

I have talked a lot about over-diversification in my investments. This account is where that majority of that took place, as you can see. One positive is that I am still holding every single company that I held in 2020. +1 for buy and hold!

My Roth IRA, which I started later, is much more concentrated than this portfolio. I learned from my mistakes.
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One positive is that I am still holding every single company that I held in 2020.

Well done, @stonkmetal! Also, how wonderful that your wife's grandparents did that!
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Portfolio Bracketology - $AAPL is the Champ!
Portfolio Bracketology has concluded and you have chosen $AAPL as your champ! $AAPL beat $VTI 21 - 16 in the final poll results (combined between Twitter and Commonstock poll).

Below is the final bracket:

The bracket was made up of all 55 of my active holdings - as verified here on @commonstock. Seeding was based on total return since initial acquisition date through 2/28/22. Final rankings are based on poll results - ranked in each round by initial seeding.

Here are final rankings of all 55 holdings based off the results of the bracket (Initial in Parentheses):

  1. $AAPL (3)
  2. $VTI (8)
  3. $O (21)
  4. $HD (42)
  5. $VDE (4)
  6. $BAM (11)
  7. $LOW (32)
  8. $TGT (47)
  9. $XLE (5)
  10. $ABBV (9)
  11. $SCHD (16)
  12. $KO (19)
  13. $VWO (20)
  14. $PFE (26)
  15. $SCHB (27)
  16. $PEP (31)
  17. $CMA (1)
  18. $CARR (2)
  19. $DD (6)
  20. $FUN (7)
  21. $RTX (10)
  22. $SCHF (15)
  23. $VEA (17)
  24. $MCD (24)
  25. $VNQ (28)
  26. $LEG (29)
  27. $SBUX (30)
  28. $HAS (40)
  29. $UL (43)
  30. $DIS (51)
  31. $COIN (52)
  32. $CTRE (53)
  33. $RVT (12)
  34. $VIG (13)
  35. $IEMG (14)
  36. $IEUR (18)
  37. $HASI (22)
  38. $PG (23)
  39. $CNA (25)
  40. $BUD (33)
  41. $CL (34)
  42. $HE (35)
  43. $TIPX (36)
  44. $VTEB (37)
  45. $PPL (38)
  46. $HSY (39)
  47. $CSX (41)
  48. $NSC (44)
  49. $LQD (45)
  50. $KMB (46)
  51. $BLV (48)
  52. $EMB (49)
  53. $T (50)
  54. $CRON (54)
  55. $CHWY (55)

Are there any surprises? Anything that stands out to you?

What are your overall thoughts on Portfolio Bracketology?

I had tons of fun putting this together and getting insight into people's perspective and thoughts on these companies holdings!
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That seems rad to me! I’ve never thought of putting your holdings head to head in a bracketed to-the-death tournament before! How do you determine the lineup to begin with?
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Portfolio Bracketology - Championship is Live!
The people have spoken and we are now on to the Championship of my Portfolio Bracketology Challenge!

In the Final Four we saw $VTI continue its expected run and knock off the Monthly Dividend Company, $O. Mega tech $AAPL handled Home Improvement Giant $HD to move on on the other side of the bracket.

The question now is, what holding will be named Champion - $VTI or $AAPL?

The poll is now live on my Twitter. You can check out the Twitter poll here, vote below, or both!

Thank you to all that have participated up to this point and those that are participating this round! It has been a lot of fun putting this together and getting the greater population's input.

For those of you that are new to this, I have been running a March Madness style bracket of all 55 of my active holdings. Seeding was determined by % price increase from initial purchase date through 2/28/22. Of course, all holdings are verified here on @commonstock!

I am going to try to piece together a Final Rankings of all 55 holdings based off the bracket challenge. I will share that later this week!
Championship Matchup - $VTI or $AAPL?
17 VotesPoll ended on: 04/04/22
Q2 Portfolio Alignment
I do my best to stick to a routine cadence when it comes to investing. I have written about some of my methodology here, if you are interested.

Just like doing routine maintenance on your car, I do routine maintenance on my portfolio. The first weekend of each quarter I review my holdings and make updates to conviction ratings, reinvestment strategy and make any sales to trim positions. This routine alignment ensures I am on my intended path, but is also scheduled, so I don't go off the rails and make drastic changes on a whim.

Some of my rules for my portfolio alignment:

  • Sales - My rule is to trim overweight positions that I have held for 3+ years or sell positions that are <1% of my portfolio after 3+ years of holding.
  • Dividend Reinvestment - Reinvest dividends of S&P beaters in Taxable. Reinvest dividends of underweight holdings in Roth IRA.
  • Conviction Rating - Review each holding and record gut conviction (blind to previous rating)- either Low, Medium or High.

Taxable Brokerage

None. $CMA and $VTI were candidates for me to sell, but I do not feel the need to trim these positions right now.

Dividend Reinvestment (Changes Only):

Conviction Rating (Changes Only):
  • $ABBV - Medium to High
  • $BUD - Medium to Low
  • $T - Low to Medium
  • $COIN - Medium to High
  • $DD - High to Medium
  • $MCD - High to Medium
  • $PEP - High to Medium
  • $PFE - High to Medium
  • $PG - High to Medium
  • $RTX - Medium to High
  • $RVT - Low to Medium
  • $SCHD - High to Medium
  • $UL - Medium to Low
  • $VIG - High to Medium

Roth IRA

None. Could have trimmed $VWO and $VEA but didn't feel the need.

Dividend Reinvestment (Changes Only):

Conviction Rating (Changes Only):
  • $DD - High to Medium
  • $HSY - Medium to High
  • $KMB - High to Medium
  • $VIG - High to Medium
  • $VNQ - High to Medium

Reviewing my Conviction changes in both accounts, I am definitely leaning more conservative in most areas.

What are your thoughts? Do you do any portfolio maintenance activities? Would love to hear!

Have a great Sunday!
March 2022 Portfolio Review
March was a very interesting month to end Q1. I didn't have too much activity, but did make some purchases with cash made available from dividends in my Taxable and Stop Loss sales generated capital in my Roth IRA.

Taxable Brokerage
Portfolio Performance (S&P)
  • Monthly Change: +0.80% (+3.58%)
  • YTD/Quarter: -2.46% (-4.82%)
  • Lifetime: +79.34% (+58.96%)

Dividends (YoY change)
  • Monthly: $54.31 (+166%)
  • YTD/Quarter: $105.99 (+38%) 😊
  • Lifetime: $639.89

  • $MCD - 1 share purchased 3/7

Top 5 Holdings (43.5% of Portfolio)
  1. $CMA - 13.5%
  2. $VTI - 12.6%
  3. $VEA - 7.7%
  4. $VWO - 5.2%
  5. $TGT - 4.6%

Roth IRA
Portfolio Performance (S&P)
  • Monthly Change: -0.42% (+3.58%)
  • YTD/Quarter: -10.98% (-4.82%) 😳
  • Lifetime: +4.37% (+8.83%)

Dividends (YoY change)
  • Monthly: $23.10 (N/A)
  • YTD/Quarter: $36.14 (N/A)
  • Lifetime: $172.16

  • $VEA - 1 share sold as part of Stop Loss 3/7
  • $VWO - 2 shares sold as part of Stop Loss 3/7
  • $KMB - 1 share purchased 3/14

Top 5 Holdings (50.4% of Portfolio)
  1. $VTI - 12.8%
  2. $VNQ - 12.4%
  3. $SBUX - 9.3%
  4. $VIG - 9.1%
  5. $HD - 6.8%
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