Buy regardless of market conditions
Here is my trades for last 3 months of $VOO, I have been buying regularly, it's gonna be interesting to see how it increases when the upward trend begins or I should be buying the dip for long enough that I am financially free with just $VOO.
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Added $AXON to my Taxable Account
I bought 11 shares of $AXON at average price $98.13 per share. I also bought 1 share of $VOO for $369.

The only reason I know about Axon is
from the Motley Fool. David Gardner, Brian Feroldi, and Brain Stoffel have been
huge advocates on all of their podcasts/YouTube videos for Axon. Check out "The
Brians" work on Axon for more information. My only concern is a lack of TAM.
Axon is already working on this issue with expanding outside of their core
business and trying to expand internationally.

I love buying $VOO or S&P500 equivalent when I buy an individual stock. First, it helps me track the performance of that stock compared to the market at the time of

Second, there is a reason why everyone is trying to beat the
S&P500. It's literally buying the best of the best stocks on a market cap
weighted basis. By adding more to it, I will be owning the best the market has
to offer at any given time.

I only buy stocks in my taxable account every two weeks. I
do this to try and stay away from โ€œtiming the marketโ€ which is impossible to
do. If you could time the market you would be a billionaire. I will write
another post on the 27 with my next purchase in my taxable account.

*Retirement Accounts *

I added to $VNQ and $QQQM in my Roth IRA. My 401k is
automated so I didnโ€™t have to do anything but S&P500 and Total
International Index Fund was added to as well. I allocate 20% of my paycheck
every two weeks to 70% S&P and 30% international.
2 big trades coming on the way
I am going to make 2 huge trades in today's market
  1. $U: After analyzing I have concluded that the revenue deceleration projected is short-term and it won't impact the overall thesis (if it is solved by next quarter even better), so I will increase my position by at least 40% (lump-sum)
  2. $VOO: Given the market volatility, negative sentiment towards Unity and growth stocks in general and high beta of 2.24 of $U, I will increase my $VOO position by around 30% to maintain overall beta closer to 1.

Apart from that, I will be rebalancing my income portfolio to exhibit lower beta with lower dividend yield. Now that I have made these many trades last month I have depleted my cash from 6% to 3.3%. My new focus would be to add more of the cash position and bring it to around 6 (unless I get more opportunities - which I see more likely case).
At these prices $U certainly is enticing. I will likely buy a taster position but wait till next qtrs earnings to see progress on the 'temp issue' with the Operate product line. If by chance the $100M impact of revenue they have set expectations for is greater or will take more than 2 qtrs to normalize, that will be catastophic to $U (BTW, like you I do expect (not hope) the issue will be resolved, but not willing to bet the house on this expectation yet.
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Opportunities not widely shared
Thereโ€™s a lot of misconceptions about investing. I hear a lot of people, including successful people say that itโ€™s not worth it to invest in the stock market. I think thatโ€™s not true depending on what youโ€™re talking about. Thereโ€™s many ways to make money for the now and later.

People just donโ€™t know about the various strategies. For the long term, there are great ETFs like $VOO $VTI $QQQ and more. These should be the foundation of your portfolio.

For current income, you can buy dividend stocks, sell covered calls and puts, and day trade and swing trade. The stock market offers many ways to invest for the future and for current income at the same time. I suggest having separate accounts for current and future income.
2 stocks I am buying right now
The market is down, and there seems to be no hint that it will turn green. I am moving along the S&P 500 and losing a lot of money. I always planned my portfolio to have beta return, so I am quite happy with the downfall similar to S&P 500. Last month I am down 6.19%.

So, in these times, I am buying these two:

๐ŸŽฎ $U
Price is changing the precipitation of the stocks - especially the growth stocks like $U. Unless they inform us something significant in Q1 2022 Earnings Report, I stand with my thesis that it is the best suited to be leader in interactive content creation platform and has upside potential of 6x by 2030.

๐Ÿฅง $VOO
As I mentioned I am not too greedy with my returns, all I want in my life is generate beta returns with higher dividends. So, I have been adding more stocks that is closer to beta or is benchmark itself, $VOO. I have made 19 trades of $VOO in last month itself.
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Thanks for sharing! I love $U and $VOO as well. Since you are investing in $VOO, have you considered investing in $SPY and selling covered calls against your positions for higher returns?

While $SPY has a higher expensive fee, it can generate much higher returns than $VOO if one sells covered calls all year.
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I accidentally added 10%ish more of $VOO
So, I was teaching my friend, who is new to investing, how to invest in M1 finance. As she is a PhD student with busy schedule, she wanted something relatively safe and with less hassle to manage. So, I naturally suggested $VOO (S&P 500 stock). Also, she didn't want to constantly check or have to manually deposit every month, I recommended her to use recurring deposit and auto-invest feature of M1. I send her a tutorial video.

And, as absent minded as I am, I turn on the auto-invest feature but forget to turn off the button. And, I buy around 10% of $VOO. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Don't be like me, and add 10%+ position, double check you auto investing features.
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Adding more $U
Unity is my 8th biggest holding, 4th largest individual stock holding and largest non-dividend stock. Dividend stocks like $O gives investors like me a safety net of cashflow. But, a growth stock like $U doesn't provide it. Although, $U is my highest conviction investment with return potential of 6x by 2030, there is inherent risk associated with the company.

Given, $U is still not profitable, it can go down more. Also, increase in interest can affect it. It comes with immense opportunity of ability to be leading interactive content creation platform in near future.

So, I am buying more and more of $U with my dividend money. Today I have placed $750 order for $U.

If the Unity investment fails, I think I will focus more on $VOO investment and buy more of it.
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My holding period increase to 8 months!!! Yours?
When this cool feature started and I was sharing my average holding period was 7.6 month. Given the tinkering of the stocks from over 50 stocks to making it more concentrated, I think it was a fair amount. I also had average trades per month of 12.

Also, given I have been holding most of the stocks like $NRZ, $AAPL, $COST, $O and I have just been adding to those, I think it will keep increasing in the future. I think my number of trades per month will increase as I have been buying $VOO every single day.

This awesome feature adds a layer of transparency and it's awesome. Has there been change in your monthly average activities?
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Doing nothing over the past month has decreased my trades per month from 21 to 19 and my average holding period has inched up from 5.0 to 5.1 months.

If I stick to my plan, trades per month should continue to go down, and average holding period will go up!

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