The 8th installment of my #TMTseries is out!
I analyze $AVGO's planned acquisition of $VMW and among other things:

  • Analyze the financial terms of the deal;
  • Explain how and why the operational model of VMware will change drastically;
  • Understand Broadcom’s outstanding financials and explain the competitive advantages behind it;
  • and finally seek to identify what this deal means for VMware’s customers from a business and technical standpoint going ahead.

Check it out!

$SNOW deep dive is out!
2-part series analysis on $SNOW and the datacloud industry is out on my susbtack! Includes, among other topics:

✅Primer on the datacloud industry
✅Reasons for $SNOW moats & GTM strategy
✅Profitability model & impact of SBCs

Check it out:

---> My next writeups are going to be an analysis of the Broadcom $AVGO/ VMWare $VMW deal and its implications on both companies followed by a deep dive on Stripe, the payments/fintech company. June is gonna be a content-rich month. Let's gooo!
A Weekly Update on Special Situations
Blue Apron $APRN investor Joe Sanberg asked if he should try to take the company private.

Kohl’s $KSS Simon Property Group and Hudson's Bay reportedly backed out of sale process; other bidders lowering their initial bids.

Wendy’s $WEN 19% shareholder Trian disclosed in 13D filing that it is exploring an acquisition of the company.

Insulet $PODD draws takeover interest from Dexcom $DXCM.

Emerson Electric $EMR considering a sale of its waste-disposal business.

Valvoline $VVV approached by Saudi Aramco about a takeover of its lubricants business.

Innoviva $INVA to acquire Entasis Therapeutics $ETTX.

Broadcom $AVGO to acquire VMware $VMW.
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Just setup my teenagers on an IB acct
I have a small account on my name, which I don’t use anymore. I sent that a small amount for my kids to structure their approach and gave them some resources to check out that I got on fintwit and via some great content publishers:
They came up with the following allocation:
10% arbitrage ($ATVI $VMW ) - immediate - passive
13% index funds ($SMH $VOO - using DCA) - passive
20% A rated cos ($NVDA $TSLA $GOOGL - using DCA) - passive
25% income generating stable cos ($TXN $AAPL $ASML ) - passive
32% other - bonus ideas, learning about special situations (like the rush to energy this year, rush to ecommerce during covid, etc) - semi-active
They’ve also come up with a mission statement - “to experiment, to learn, to grow”
Their philosophy:
  1. don’t time the market
  2. Own companies or industries that will survive and adapt over the long run
  3. Journal decisions both good and bad to look back on
  4. Own companies that are growing, transparent, and where management pride themselves on having a good reputation
Tools they have access to:
  2. Ycharts to visualize company performance trends and compare charts
  3. Yahoo finance
Thoughts and feedback/experience in dealing with teens & investing welcome!!
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$772.8k follower assets
M&A - $VMW and others…
I guess it paid off holding onto $VMW for a while. A nice “return of capital” dividend in q4 2021, and now an acknowledgement of value by the market ($AVGO ) as networking companies try to beef up their offering.
With lower valuations and an outlook for a slower economy, I wonder which areas will be ripe for takeovers… I listened to a podcast this morning that put companies that burn FCF but have high customer retention(eg $WIX ; no position) ripe for takeover at 60-80% off their highs….thought? comment ⬇️
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