Services PMIs, Factory Orders, More Earnings. What’s going on with mortgage data?
Good morning contrarians! Wanted to wait for mortgage data before publishing today’s briefing. Good thing I waited because there was a bit of a reversal there. It may make sense to have this later publication time be the regular policy for Wednesday’s briefing.

Anyway, mortgage applications gained 1.2% over last week, compared to a decline of 1.8% in the prior week. The 30-year mortgage rate is down to 5.4% from 5.74% last week. That’s quite a reversal. Not entirely sure what it’s about. May be a glitch. Markets don’t seem to be moving much on the news.

We’re looking at a shift to risk-on after Nancy Pelosi spooked markets a bit with her visit to Taiwan yesterday.

Positive earnings this morning from $CVS, $BWA, and $TUP. $UA mixed. $SMG lowered guidance.

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The Best Sportswear Stock?
In this article I analyse some of the big players in the sportswear industry namely NIKE $NKE Adidas $ADDYY, Under Armour $UA and Lululemon $LULU.

I also provide a prediction as to which stock I think will provide the best returns in 2022.

Let me know which stock you think will provide the best returns and why 👇

Would imagine Lulu's margins may face a bit of pressure (outside of transitory supply chain inflation/disruption) when the shoe range comes out. Typically a lower margin product offering.
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Let’s Go Shopping: Authentic Brands IPO
The Mid-2000s called and they want their brands back.

Authentic Brands is a conglomerate of clothing stores that includes Aeropostale, Brooks Brothers, Forever 21, and Juicy Couture. They also own the rights and licensing to public figures & icons including, but not limited to Marilyn Monroe & Michael Jackson.

CNBC reports a valuation of $10B is being discussed, which means (as they very well pointed out) Authentic Brands would be valued higher than $UA, $KSS, $RL, and $DKS. This valuation seems quite high given how distressed these companies have been over the past decade. Blackrock has worked its wonders before, so nothing is off the table. When Blackrock invested in 2019, it was valued at $4B, inclusive of debt.

The S-1 is expected in early July and trading could begin later that month. I am a cynic, but definitely interested in learning more about this IPO as details come out.
These brands I feel are the classic "mall" brands, which over the past few years have been dying off. Personally, I buy from 3-4 (Rhoback and Vuori to name a few) online retailers that don't necessarily have brick and mortar stores but I still purchase from monthly.

If authentic brands started picking up these online companies I could become very interested.
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Earnings this week
Which calls are you most excited about?

Monday, February 8th
$SFTBY Softbank
$TTWO Take Two
$HAS Hasbro
$CHGG Chegg

Tuesday, February 9th
$CSCO Cisco
$FISV Fiserv
$TWTR Twitter
$AKAM Akamai
$LYFT Lyft
$CGC Canopy Growth Corp
$AYX Alteryx

Wednesday, February 10th
$KO Coca-Cola
$TM Toyota Motor
$UBER Uber
$GM General Motor
$EQIX Equinix
$ZG Zillow Group
$EFX Equifax
$MGM MGM Resorts
$ZYNGA Zynga
$XPO XPO Logistics
$UA Under Armour
$SONO Sonos

Thursday, February 11th
$DIS Disney
$PEP PepsiCo
$KHC Kraft Heinz
$NET Cloudflare
$TSN Tyson Foods
$VRSN VeriSign
$EXPE Expedia
$K Kellogg
$HUBS HubSpot
$GDDY GoDaddy
$TAP Coors Brewing
$MHK Mohawk Industries
$DDOG Datadog

Friday, February 12th
$D Dominion Energy

Sources: Business Insider, Google Finance, and Yahoo finance
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Earnings this week
Monday, Oct 26th

$HAS Hasbro

$TWLO Twilio

$CHGG Chegg

Tuesday, Oct 27th

$PFE Pfizer


$MSFT Microsoft

$AMD Advanced Micro

$FISV Fiserv

$FEYE FireEye

$AKAM Akamai

$CAT Caterpillar

Wednesday, Oct 28th

$UPS United Parcel Service

$BA Boeing

$FVRR Fiverr

$ETSY Etsy

$FSLY Fastly

$PINS Pinterest

$V Visa

$MA Mastercard

$TDOC Teladoc

$NOW ServiceNow

$EBAY eBay

$LVGO Livongo

Thursday, Oct 29th

$SHOP Shopify

$TWTR Twitter

$SPOT Spotify

$TEAM Atlassian

$CAKE Cheesecake Factory

$GOOGL Alphabet

$AAPL Apple

$AMZN Amazon

$FB Facebook

$ATVI Activision

$SBUX Starbucks

Friday, Oct 30th

$CVX Chevron

$XOM Exxon Mobil

$MO Altria

$UA Under Armour

Sources: Business Insider, Google Finance, and Yahoo Finance
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