April 2022 Bloodbath - Names Down >30% Since April 1
April 2022 was one of the worst market months of all time. In fact, it was the worst since October 2008. Here are 100 stocks down >30% since April 1:

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Upcoming Earnings Calendar (Jan 31st- Feb 4th)
Hey guys!

Here's the earnings calendar for next week! Here's what I'm interested in:

  • $XOM - Insights on the global oil market.
  • $GOOG - Strength of the digital ad market + growth of YouTube (since $NFLX slowed down).
  • $FB - Comments on their strategy to monetize Whatsapp (I don't expect any, but one can hope).
  • $SPOT - They recently expanded to other markets, so maybe they can maintain accelerated growth, unlike Netflix.
  • $AMZN - AWS and Advertising segment growth + impact of the increase in 3P fees.

What are you looking forward to next week?

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Upcoming Earnings Calendar, Nov 22-27
A very light earnings week up ahead. I'm mostly interested in Zoom $ZM. I think the stock's valuation is starting to make some sense if they can continue growing their paid user base or adding other features. I'm also interested in seeing what Best Buy $BBY has to say about the consumer demand for electronics and some comments on supply chain issues.

Remember, if you'd like an easier way to track earnings dates, you can automatically sync your portfolio's earning dates to your personal calendar with just a couple of clicks here.





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Why would two companies announce on an American holiday when the markets not open, then why would you announce on the day after a holiday, when it's a short trading day. Some companies just make wonder about commonsense.
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Earnings this week
📞Which calls are you most excited about?

Monday, August 2nd
$ZI ZoomInfo Technologies

Tuesday, August 3rd
$APRN Blue Apron
$BHG Bright Health Group
$NKLA Nikola
$CWH Camping World
$PGR Progressive
$COUR Coursera
$CRSR Corsair Gaming
$SKLZ Skillz

Wednesday, August 4th
$LMND Lemonade
$MVIS Microvision
$WYNN Wynn Resorts
$ROKU Roku

Thursday, August 5th
$HEAR Turtle Beach
$MNST Monster Beverage
$CFLT Confluent
$CWK Cushman & Wakefield
$DOCN DigitalOcean
$EB Eventbrite
$FSR Fisker
$FNKO Funko
$FVRR Fiverr
$SPCE Virgin Galactic
$MRNA Moderna
$SQ Square

Friday, August 6th
$TWST Twist Biosciences
$CRON Cronos Group
$DKNG DraftKings

Sources: Business Insider, Google Finance, Yahoo Finance
$SQ for me, one of my important investments, $ZI mainly because they are headquartered about a 5 minute walk from my apartment. Also because I've looked at this stock and wonder how well they will continue to do in the coming years.
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Earnings this week
📞 Which calls are you most excited about?

Monday, May 3rd
$APPF AppFolio
$CAR Avis Budget Group
$IRBT iRobot
$CHGG Chegg
$EL Estee Lauder
$ZI ZoomInfo Technologies
$MELI Mercadolibre

Tuesday, May 4th
$ATVI Activision Blizzard
$UAA Under Armour
$APO Apollo Global Management
$AKAM Akamai Technologies
$AYX Alteryx
$WMG Warner Music Group
$CVS CVS Health
$MPC Marathon Petroleum
$MCFE Mcafee Corp
$TRI Thomson Reuters
$D Dominion Energy
$ESPR Esperion Therapeutics
$ZG Zillow Group
$SPCE Virgin Galactic
$MTCH Match Group
$LYFT Lyft
$PFE Pfizer
$UPWK Upwork
$SPT Sprout Social
$WYNN Wynn Resorts

Wednesday, May 5th
$TUP Tupperware Brands
$BKNG Booking Holdings
$SMG Scotts Miracle-Gro
$RDFN Redfin
$GM General Motors
$ELY Callaway Golf
$ETSY Etsy
$FSLY Fastly
$GDDY GoDaddy
$HUBS HubSpot
$PYPL PayPal
$TWLO Twilio
$ZNGA Zynga

Thursday, May 6th
$APRN Blue Apron
$TWST Twist Bioscience
$BYND Beyond Meat
$BL BlackLine
$MNST Monster Beverage
$BILL Bill.com
$CVNA Carvana
$NET Cloudflare
$DDOG Datadog
$DBX Dropbox
$EXPE Expedia
$EB Eventbrite
$FVRR Fiverr
$FNF Fidelity
$FNKO Funko
$GRPN Groupon
$MHK Mohawk
$W Wayfair
$SHAK Shake Shack
$PZZA Papa John's
$YELP Yelp
$MRNA Moderna
$SQ Square
$PTON Peloton
$ROKU Roku

Friday, May 7th
$CNK Cinemark
$DKNG Draftkings

Sources: Business Insider, Google Finance, and Yahoo Finance
Very excited for Peloton. Especially to see if they announce any new products and how their guidance over the next year looks
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Twist Biosciences Update from Ark Invest
Twist Biosciences is a company that manufactures synthetic DNA. I've been holding their stock and keeping tabs on them for a while now. (Here are previous memos I've written about them).

Today $TWST was down 20%, so I thought I'd post this update from Ark Invest's weekly commentary:

"Twist Bioscience (TWST) fell approximately 17% on Friday after reporting fiscal first quarter results that outperformed analysts’ expectations on both the top and bottom lines but leaving 2021 revenue guidance unchanged. Moreover, its new manufacturing facility in Oregon could prevent gross margin expansion in 2021.

Our confidence in Twist remains unchanged for multiple reasons. The company's investments in capacity should contribute to margin expansion over the long-term, galvanized by secular growth in the synthetic biology and liquid biopsy markets. In addition, we believe Twist's data-driven approach to target enrichment for next-generation sequencing (NGS) is best-in-class, especially for more esoteric biomarkers such as DNA methylation which are difficult to detect in liquid biopsies."
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Today’s Trades
I should probably start using this space for real memos! For now, quick notes every few days will have to do.

After frustrations over riding the vaccine wave, I decided to get off. Exited very green ($PFE and $MRNA ) but not what I expected at all. Will continue to watch closely. And am still in $NVAX for better or for worse.

In bio tech, I added to $TWST and $PSTI positions. $TWST because have seen 60% returns so far and think this will skyrocket. $PSTI because despite the drop, we are seeing a quick comeback. So good to average down.

Lastly, bought first position in $BIDU . Excited about this one with their speculation about getting into EV.
Ark Invest Daily Trades - 12/21
Broken out by Company:

Broken out by ETF:

Cathie Wood on 12/18 regarding when Ark invests in FAANG stocks:

"As a bull market extends, we do move into more 'cash-like' equities; they would be the less volatile stocks.

Certainly FAANG & $MSFT fit that.

We would do that increasingly."


Ticker, Trade Amount ($M):

$AAPL, $53.3M
$GOOGL, $50.1M
$SHOP, $26.4M
$BABA, $17.4M
$NVDA, $15.9M
$ADBE, $12.9M
$REGN, $10.4M
$AMZN, $8.5M
$RHHBY, $7.6M
$VRTX, $6.6M
$BIDU, $4.2M
$LGVW, $3.9M
$IONS, $2.8M
$JD, $2.5M
$FLIR, $2.4M
$U, $2.2M
$KMTUY, $1.8M
$KAKZF, $0.4M
$CDXS, $0.3M
$EXAS, $0.2M
$BLI, $0M
$XONE, $-0.4M
$VCYT, $-0.5M
$MTLS, $-0.8M
$WORK, $-1.3M
$CDNA, $-1.3M
$IBKR, $-1.6M
$TRU, $-2.5M
$EDIT, $-3.2M
$PD, $-3.4M
$TWST, $-3.5M
$XLNX, $-4.3M
$CRSP, $-5.5M
$TWLO, $-13M
$SPOT, $-13.1M
$SQ, $-35.4M
$ROKU, $-52.1M
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Interesting to see them rotate into more traditional tech names like $GOOG and $AAPL. Seems like they're not the only ones thinking we may be reaching a peak soon.
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What Applications for DNA Should the Average Person Be Most Aware Of?
I am continuing to research Twist Biosciences $TWST, which manufactures synthetic DNA cheaper and faster than competitors.

Here are the applications for DNA that the average person should aware of:

Sustainability of the Planet
Almost everything we touch in our daily life comes from oil. Oil enables the modern human lifestyle. But there is a better way. We can use bio-processes with yeast, algae, and E. coli to ferment sugar and sustainably make all the chemicals that oil can make.

Everything that is currently plastic will be made of proteins in the future. All that protein engineering requires a lot of DNA to find that one perfect protein that has the functions that you're looking for.

When it comes to changing behavior, people tend to say they are driven by sustainability, but don't actually change unless it is also cheaper. The real driver of going through a fermentation process to make chemicals is that it is lower cost than using oil. You can buy the same chemicals cheaper if they are produced through fermentation that by processing oil.

Making New Chemicals and Materials
One example is spider silk. If you put the genes of a spider into yeast, you can ferment sugar and make spider silk. Today you can buy jackets made of synthetic spider silk, but in the future we will make even more advanced products like planes out of this material.

Making new Fragrances and Flavors
Vanilla is the most popular flavor in the world. But if you want to make vanilla, you pretty much have to be within 10-20 degrees of the equator. There isn't enough physical space in the ideal regions to meet the world's demand for vanilla. So what we do instead is use oil to make imitation vanilla, which is still the same chemical compound. We are starting to do that with fermented sugar instead of oil.

What Else?
I'd love to hear from anyone in the Commonstock community who has any first-hand experience using a product or process that was made from synthetic DNA / a fermentation process. My feeling is that it is already more common in our daily lives than we think.
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Why Do Companies Want To Buy DNA from Twist Bioscience?
To answer this question, let's look at one of $TWST 's customers, Ginko Bioworks. Ginko designs custom microbes and builds foundries to scale the process of organism engineering using software and hardware automation.

Here's what a Ginko foundry looks like:

Ginko looks at biology like digital code. Information in the form of DNA can be translated into a nearly endless array of products. The challenge comes in learning how to write that code.

The process is a cycle of research: design, build, test — and repeat until a solution is identified. This takes many iterations to see what works. If you can lower the cost per iteration you have a competitive advantage over others because you are getting more 'shots on goal.'

And Ginko has been getting more 'shots on goal' as the cost per DNA base has come down exponentially over the last two decades:

1990s: $100 a base
2000: $10 a base
2009: $1 a base
2017: 25 cents a base pair

Today Twist is selling DNA at 9 cents per base pair.

Depending on how many base pairs you need, you could save as much as 75% by ordering from Twist Bioscience instead of competitors such as IDT, Genscript, GeneArt or Genewiz.

The lower the cost to design, build, and test your biological code, the more you can apply biology to smaller markets.

In the past, biology would be so expensive, you could only apply it to massive markets of drugs. If it was not a $10 billion drug opportunity, you wouldn't do it. But now that the price per base pair has come down so much, you can now apply it to new markets, such as a chemical market that is maybe only a $100 million dollar market.

Ginko's vision is to apply biology to untapped markets where we haven't been using it before.

That's why they order so much DNA from Twist Biosciences. Because their cost is industry leading, and it's opening up new markets for Ginko that weren't there previously.

Twist has it's eyes set on $0.02 per base pair because that is the point at which researchers can significantly scale experiments, and will no longer be limited by the cost of DNA.

If you want to keep learning about the DNA and gene space from an investment perspective, follow me for alerts on future memos!
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