Kellogg's is creating shareholder value
I'm surprised that I haven't seen anyone on CommonStock talk about Kellogg's $K plan to separate into 3 different companies.

These 3 companies are:
  • snacking
  • cereal
  • plant-based

The company that Kellogg's current CEO will run will be the CEO of the snacking business.

Why the spin-offs? It's because the company's growth in other sectors isn't being reflected well when its largest business, cereal, continues to hamper the growth numbers. Also, it unlocks value for shareholders and shareholders can choose which business they want to invest in.

Some are concerned that spinning off the young plant-based brands into their separate entity would cause them to not perform well both financially and in the stock market as $BYND and $TTCF, two pure-play plant-based meat players, have seen their share prices plunge significantly compared to its IPO.

I still have a to document about it. It’s very interesting for me cause I had K in my watchlist but now everything changes…
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Round Trips
There have been a ton of major "round trips" since 2020. These are names that soared higher in 2020 and have come all the way back . Here are a bunch in no particular order:

EDIT: I am calling these the Covid-180's

$FB - Meta Platforms, Inc. - Internet Content & Information - $534.71B

$NFLX - Netflix, Inc. - Entertainment - $92.44B

$SHOP - Shopify Inc. - Software - Application - $61.52B

$SE - Sea Limited - Electronic Gaming & Multimedia - $53.12B

$U - Unity Software Inc. - Software - Application - $24.17B

$SPOT - Spotify Technology S.A. - Internet Content & Information - $23.55B

$RBLX - Roblox Corporation - Electronic Gaming & Multimedia - $19.97B

$CHWY - Chewy, Inc. - Internet Retail - $15.12B

$ROKU - Roku, Inc. - Entertainment - $14.01B

$PINS - Pinterest, Inc. - Internet Content & Information - $13.67B

$CVNA - Carvana Co. - Internet Retail - $13.47B

$PTON - Peloton Interactive, Inc. - Leisure - $6.73B

$MRTX - Mirati Therapeutics, Inc. - Biotechnology - $4.01B

$INMD - InMode Ltd. - Medical Devices - $2.55B

$FVRR - Fiverr International Ltd. - Internet Retail - $2.10B

$CDLX - Cardlytics, Inc. - Internet Content & Information - $1.47B

$NEO - NeoGenomics, Inc. - Diagnostics & Research - $1.41B

$NVTA - Invitae Corporation - Diagnostics & Research - $1.29B

$TREE - LendingTree, Inc. - Mortgage Finance - $1.28B

$SNBR - Sleep Number Corporation - Furnishings, Fixtures & Appliances - $1.11B

$TTCF - Tattooed Chef, Inc. - Packaged Foods - $737.26M
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Mega week for earnings! (Nov 8-12)
Here are featured earnings we are paying attention to @ Fincredible.

The ones I'm paying close attention are:

$PYPL - Want to learn more about their plans for 'super app', integration of BNPL and if any color on rumored $PINS acqn, which is now dead (or never was there). I own some $PYPL

$PLTR - I think I'm the only non-bull on this company. I'm unsure of their technological prowess and confused by their corporate governance. I don't own and have no plans, but just curious.

$COIN - I have no exposure in crypto except via a managed investment on Titan, but I think this is a great way to continue to learn and try and get smarter

$U - I like this company a lot. I'm particularly interested in their non-gaming revenues which I think is a larger TAM. Selfishly, I'm hoping this stock falls after earnings (Sorry for the many who own it) so I can buy on the dip, but not expecting it.

$SOFI $AFRM - I view both of these innovative companies but are overpriced, and don't have as much moat as people give them credit. Yet always interested to hear about them to be proven wrong, and given my investments in $PYPL, banks, and various private fintechs

$EHTH - not Ethereum, but eHealth. Given they fired most of the management team recently, always interested in what the tone/focus of the call is.

BTW as of this week, for S&P 500 companies (plus other popular stocks) you can not only play the calls in real-time at Fincredible, but also read the transcript and monitor specific keywords in real-time. Check it out -





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$TTCF imo might miss this quarter again bc look at the other companies rn also something we need to check is share count dilution is something I don’t like. Change with the facts guys don’t be stubborn 😂
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