Weekly Review
Some nice gains over the past few days after a rough start to the week.

Income Portfolio: Opened new positions in $AMLP and $TSN . Increased holdings in $ARCC $OZK $AFG $DKS $HRL and $LCII . Collected dividends on $INTC $KR $CMI $RDN $RS $JNJ $PCAR and $TSCO .

Growth Portfolio: Increased holdings in $ENPH and took partial profits on $PINS leaving a small holding remaining

Speculative: Nil
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Hello fellow investors 👋
I want to share my new YouTube video and my analysis of Tyson Foods $TSN

I already own 150 shares of $TSN, so I decided to buy 50 more this week. I think the company is quite cheap right now, and it is also a recession-proof company.

Let me know what you think. 😜
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Tyson Foods 💸 $0.46/share (in line)
Even if Q2 report was not stellar, $TSN is, as always, committed to their dividend policy. For more than 10 years they are raising the dividend with an impressive 17% CAGR 5y; the highest across the industry.
Yield 2.30%
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While everyone focused on $NVDA earnings, I think it's worth taking a look at $TSN earnings
After reporting earnings, $NVDA fell 6.3% while $TSN fell 8.45%.

For Nvidia, people are saying that Pelosi sold her shares at a loss because she knew ahead of time that the earnings were bad. Personally, I think that it was because she knew that a Chinese invasion of Taiwan would happen soon and that it was better to get out now than take a gamble that there will be a better time to sell later.

As for Tyson Foods, their shares fell the most in two years as inflation lowered their meat sales and increased their operating costs. Interestingly, beef sales volume was higher for the quarter while the sale of pork and chicken were lower. Even if beef sales did better for the quarter, year to date, they're still down.

It's expected that meat prices will rise as farmers scale back herds due to the rising cost of feed. In the article, I found it scary that it mentions that "[t]he American cattle herd is already the smallest since 2015."

I wouldn't be surprised if $TSN sees a correction similar to what $WMT and $TGT have endured for telling investors that inflation has squeezed their profits margins. Hopefully, the company will find ways to manage its costs and expand its cattle herd to feed the growing world population.

In the meantime, with lower meat volumes and the company betting on higher meat prices to save their profits, I think that the company will still see its shares trending lower. Investors are starting to not see Tyson Foods as a "flight of safety" play and are starting to see this company in the same light as Walmart, Target, and other retail and shipping names.
Welcome to Inflation Week
Good morning CommonStock! Stock futures are rising in the pre-market, led by tech…

We have the CPI and PPI reports to shed more light on inflation, but those aren’t until Wednesday and Thursday, respectively.

For today there are earnings: $D, $NVAX, $TTWO, $TSN, $AIG, and a couple others.

More on today’s state of play here:
Back to March 2020
I’ve been investing for about a decade and Buffet had my mouth watering waiting for the next economic meltdown & the opportunities that would provide. I watched with hindsight the 2007-08 crash and noticed how many great companies traded at “once in a lifetime prices” and seemed like obvious choices.

With the Covid crash I was finally able to put it into practice. It was easy to buy great companies as they continued to get cheaper and cheaper. I waited until the initial drop was 15-20% to ensure I wasn’t buying 2-5% dips. Added throughout the bloodshed and sold into the recovery. That recovery quickly turned into exuberance and for 1-2 years, it seemed everything was crazy over priced. Then can another “recession/bear” that we’re currently living in. But I have also heard many experts in the last couple weeks say the economic numbers don’t match every other recession; many numbers look to good to be going into a recession. My initial theory was that we were just giving back obscene gains bid up after the Covid recovery.

I noticed last night that I am holding a few companies currently trading at or below February, 2020 prices and thought I’d share that list. Regardless of how one chooses to value a company, seeing their price back to 2020 levels is refreshing to someone still accumulating.

Remember these are just taken from my current holdings. I did not do a screen looking through the universe.

Ticker / Todays Price / February 2020 Price

$ADBE / $384 / $378

$THO / $80 / $81

$TSN / $81 / $84

$SPG / $97 / $140

$PHM / $44 / $45

$OHI / $29 / $44

$MPW / $15 / $23

$VZ / $50 / $60

$MU / $57 / $57

$PYPL / $70 / $116

$NFLX / $177 / $386

$INTC / $37 / $66

$MDC / $35 / $42

$VICI / $31 / $28

$BABA / $109 / $208

$TCEHY / $43 / $52

$TROW / $113 / $135

$META / $162 / $217

Just an interesting observation I thought I’d share.

Was shocked at some of the price differences with companies like $BABA , $PYPL, $TROW , & $META. Always thought Netflix was insanely overvalued; no surprise there.
Very cool comparison. I started self managing my investments around this time. Would be interesting to do something similar with my initial purchases
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Tyson's Chicken Business 🐔 #WSJ
$TSN is probably the biggest meat producer/distributor in the US, but it is struggling to turn the Chicken division into high profits. As a long-time shareholder of Tyson Foods, I hope the company will succeed in the task, reaching the same profitability as Beef and Pork Divisions.

The article in the link comes to you for free, thanks to my WSJ subscription; cheers. 🍻

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Tyson Foods 💸 $0.46/share
Great performance and great dividend from this Dividend Aristocrat.
Thank you $TSN
Yield 2.11%
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