Portfolio Review
I am tagging along and sharing my portfolio for public discussion, like @strib, @growthinvesting, @investor_from_nepal, @from100kto1m and @sammeciar have done.

These holdings are split between two Merrill Edge accounts - a Taxable Brokerage for shorter term goals/possible early retirement and a Roth IRA built for dividend income in retirement.

I am 29 years old and a chemical engineer. These accounts have been built more or less over the last 6 years (minus the $CMA position). I contribute as I can, and utilize my Scorecard to indicate where to deploy new capital. As I mentioned yesterday, the ETFs are from Wealthfront accounts I rolled over into my self-directed accounts. I am not big on selling and the only positions on this list I have "trimmed" are $CMA, $VEA and $VWO.

Breakdown of where these holdings are residing:

Both Accounts:



What are your thoughts?

Any questions/suggestions/advice?
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2022 Birthday Buys - 3 Months Later
Just wanted to give a quick update on my Birthday Buys from this year and report out on their performance through 1 quarter.

Taxable Brokerage
Purchase Price $285.88
Current Price $263.06 (-8%)
Dividends Collected $1.24

$TGT (Trades aren't showing in my history list)
Purchase Price $220.01
Current Price $237.20 (+8%)
Dividends Collected $3.60

Roth IRA
Purchase Price $142.49
Current Price $126.42 (-11%)
Dividends Collected $2.32

Purchase Price $198.13
Current Price $225.98 (14%)
Dividends Collected $0.90

$HSY is the clear winner thus far, but we are playing the long game. I have already added more to my $KMB and $TGT positions. $HSY is at the top of my list to add to, currently.

Way-Too-Early 2023 Birthday Buy Watchlist


I am rounded out on my sector/industry diversification. Looking for strong businesses with growth potential. Dividends are a plus, but not necessary!

Roth IRA

Looking for Healthcare & Utility exposure in my Roth. Open to any suggestions! Dividend is a requirement in this account!

Any recommendations?
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Portfolio Bracketology - $AAPL is the Champ!
Portfolio Bracketology has concluded and you have chosen $AAPL as your champ! $AAPL beat $VTI 21 - 16 in the final poll results (combined between Twitter and Commonstock poll).

Below is the final bracket:

The bracket was made up of all 55 of my active holdings - as verified here on @commonstock. Seeding was based on total return since initial acquisition date through 2/28/22. Final rankings are based on poll results - ranked in each round by initial seeding.

Here are final rankings of all 55 holdings based off the results of the bracket (Initial in Parentheses):

  1. $AAPL (3)
  2. $VTI (8)
  3. $O (21)
  4. $HD (42)
  5. $VDE (4)
  6. $BAM (11)
  7. $LOW (32)
  8. $TGT (47)
  9. $XLE (5)
  10. $ABBV (9)
  11. $SCHD (16)
  12. $KO (19)
  13. $VWO (20)
  14. $PFE (26)
  15. $SCHB (27)
  16. $PEP (31)
  17. $CMA (1)
  18. $CARR (2)
  19. $DD (6)
  20. $FUN (7)
  21. $RTX (10)
  22. $SCHF (15)
  23. $VEA (17)
  24. $MCD (24)
  25. $VNQ (28)
  26. $LEG (29)
  27. $SBUX (30)
  28. $HAS (40)
  29. $UL (43)
  30. $DIS (51)
  31. $COIN (52)
  32. $CTRE (53)
  33. $RVT (12)
  34. $VIG (13)
  35. $IEMG (14)
  36. $IEUR (18)
  37. $HASI (22)
  38. $PG (23)
  39. $CNA (25)
  40. $BUD (33)
  41. $CL (34)
  42. $HE (35)
  43. $TIPX (36)
  44. $VTEB (37)
  45. $PPL (38)
  46. $HSY (39)
  47. $CSX (41)
  48. $NSC (44)
  49. $LQD (45)
  50. $KMB (46)
  51. $BLV (48)
  52. $EMB (49)
  53. $T (50)
  54. $CRON (54)
  55. $CHWY (55)

Are there any surprises? Anything that stands out to you?

What are your overall thoughts on Portfolio Bracketology?

I had tons of fun putting this together and getting insight into people's perspective and thoughts on these companies holdings!
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That seems rad to me! I’ve never thought of putting your holdings head to head in a bracketed to-the-death tournament before! How do you determine the lineup to begin with?
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Q2 Portfolio Alignment
I do my best to stick to a routine cadence when it comes to investing. I have written about some of my methodology here, if you are interested.

Just like doing routine maintenance on your car, I do routine maintenance on my portfolio. The first weekend of each quarter I review my holdings and make updates to conviction ratings, reinvestment strategy and make any sales to trim positions. This routine alignment ensures I am on my intended path, but is also scheduled, so I don't go off the rails and make drastic changes on a whim.

Some of my rules for my portfolio alignment:

  • Sales - My rule is to trim overweight positions that I have held for 3+ years or sell positions that are <1% of my portfolio after 3+ years of holding.
  • Dividend Reinvestment - Reinvest dividends of S&P beaters in Taxable. Reinvest dividends of underweight holdings in Roth IRA.
  • Conviction Rating - Review each holding and record gut conviction (blind to previous rating)- either Low, Medium or High.

Taxable Brokerage

None. $CMA and $VTI were candidates for me to sell, but I do not feel the need to trim these positions right now.

Dividend Reinvestment (Changes Only):

Conviction Rating (Changes Only):
  • $ABBV - Medium to High
  • $BUD - Medium to Low
  • $T - Low to Medium
  • $COIN - Medium to High
  • $DD - High to Medium
  • $MCD - High to Medium
  • $PEP - High to Medium
  • $PFE - High to Medium
  • $PG - High to Medium
  • $RTX - Medium to High
  • $RVT - Low to Medium
  • $SCHD - High to Medium
  • $UL - Medium to Low
  • $VIG - High to Medium

Roth IRA

None. Could have trimmed $VWO and $VEA but didn't feel the need.

Dividend Reinvestment (Changes Only):

Conviction Rating (Changes Only):
  • $DD - High to Medium
  • $HSY - Medium to High
  • $KMB - High to Medium
  • $VIG - High to Medium
  • $VNQ - High to Medium

Reviewing my Conviction changes in both accounts, I am definitely leaning more conservative in most areas.

What are your thoughts? Do you do any portfolio maintenance activities? Would love to hear!

Have a great Sunday!
March 2022 Portfolio Review
March was a very interesting month to end Q1. I didn't have too much activity, but did make some purchases with cash made available from dividends in my Taxable and Stop Loss sales generated capital in my Roth IRA.

Taxable Brokerage
Portfolio Performance (S&P)
  • Monthly Change: +0.80% (+3.58%)
  • YTD/Quarter: -2.46% (-4.82%)
  • Lifetime: +79.34% (+58.96%)

Dividends (YoY change)
  • Monthly: $54.31 (+166%)
  • YTD/Quarter: $105.99 (+38%) 😊
  • Lifetime: $639.89

  • $MCD - 1 share purchased 3/7

Top 5 Holdings (43.5% of Portfolio)
  1. $CMA - 13.5%
  2. $VTI - 12.6%
  3. $VEA - 7.7%
  4. $VWO - 5.2%
  5. $TGT - 4.6%

Roth IRA
Portfolio Performance (S&P)
  • Monthly Change: -0.42% (+3.58%)
  • YTD/Quarter: -10.98% (-4.82%) 😳
  • Lifetime: +4.37% (+8.83%)

Dividends (YoY change)
  • Monthly: $23.10 (N/A)
  • YTD/Quarter: $36.14 (N/A)
  • Lifetime: $172.16

  • $VEA - 1 share sold as part of Stop Loss 3/7
  • $VWO - 2 shares sold as part of Stop Loss 3/7
  • $KMB - 1 share purchased 3/14

Top 5 Holdings (50.4% of Portfolio)
  1. $VTI - 12.8%
  2. $VNQ - 12.4%
  3. $SBUX - 9.3%
  4. $VIG - 9.1%
  5. $HD - 6.8%
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Back in $CROX and $TGT
Jumped back in $CROX and $TGT. Had a nice swing trade with crox a few weeks back and jumping back in. Insiders buying, FCF machine, and really like the Heydudes acquisition. After seeing them everywhere, I bought a pair and absolutely love them. Planning on holding these shares for a bit pending another crazy rip

For $TGT , my wife loves the store. I had planned to hold long term but hopped out when retail was hit hard by inflation news. Was hoping it would keep sliding some but regretted it after they crushed earnings. Back in it for the long haul.

Hope everyone had a good day today 💸
I’ve heard nothing but good things from crocs. How they went from hideous pool shoe to beloved fashion sensation I cannot understand. But that can only be good for shareholders!
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