2 Monday Morning Additions and 1 New Buy
I added $TDOC and $CRWD this morning while starting a new position in $ADYEY.

Starting to feel like I hate my money buying Teladoc one last time -- but I swear this will be my final purchase unless things improve over the coming quarters. If not, and I buy again, I need everyone that reads this to come back and tell me I'm a phony 😂

As for Crowdstrike, its appeal is pretty straightforward and adds much-needed exposure to the cybersecurity space for my core 34 holdings.

Lastly, for Adyen, I continue to hear intriguing arguments for their business across Motley Fool and here on Commonstock. Specifically, @invesquotes's recent pitch on Adyen fascinated me enough to make my starting purchase today.

I will undoubtedly continue adding to Crowdstrike over time but will likely let Teladoc and Adyen run out from here. However, should Adyen's price improve over the next few quarters, I will do a deep dive and consider adding more.
Who will be the best performer of this group over the next decade?
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Like $CRWD a lot. Cyber-security is in very high demand right now, subscription services are proving to work very well for them, and they have an incredibly strong balance sheet
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April 2022 Bloodbath - Names Down >30% Since April 1
April 2022 was one of the worst market months of all time. In fact, it was the worst since October 2008. Here are 100 stocks down >30% since April 1:

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Growth Portfolio - April 2022
April 2022 performance: -24% (Worst month since March 2020)

Top holdings by weight:
$TSLA 15%
$NET 7%
$U 4%
$SQ 4%
Rest of holdings ~ 30%

  • I own a very small position in $PTON. Down significantly by 60%, decided that it doesn't make sense for me to sell. Will see what happens with the new CEO (good reputation) and potential new direction. If I see interesting things, I may keep building. If I still see bad management actions, I may end up selling.
  • $TDOC I own a full position and down also 56%. I am not selling, it doesn't make sense at this point. Once again, another case of management not at the required level. Management and boards can be changed and corrected. Will hold and see what happens in the following quarters.
  • Added new money from paychecks to almost all of my top holdings to keep my cost basis weight.
  • Not trimming $TSLA (probably the only holding I would not trim over 15%)
Hi Alberto

Really appreciate the transparency here. I think keeping a close eye on management and the direction they take is the best course of action at this point for $PTON. What are your thoughts on CEO Barry McCarthy’s recent decision to raise subscription fees while cutting prices for its Bikes and other equipment?
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Portfolio Performance - April 2022
Not pretty at all this month, but as a long term investor I feel I picked up some bargains that will see me in good stead in the years to come.

Income portfolio slightly outperformed the SPY, still negative in terms of capital gain but up overall with currency gains.Biggest gainer was $MRK up 10%, biggest loser was $TROW down 20%.

Growth and Value portfolio was in the toilet as expected with this months turmoil. Biggest gainer was $DJP up 10%, biggest loser clearly $TDOC down 50% for the month.

Swings were also hammered, $NOTV down 42%, took profits on $JOB after a 10 month wait. Yes I am a notorious bag holder an I understand the concept of stopping out and getting into other winners - I just can't take the realised loss :)
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$TROW Ihave been adding to since I got in off 85% from 52 week highs. Ring a dividend aristocrat, I would be more than comfortable holding for ten years, or I can sell when it reverts the mean and swings closer to fair value. With one of my top 5 picks like T. Rowe, I’ll keep adding the as long as they want to be this irrational.
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Change my mind on $TDOC
Hating on Cathie Wood has become fashionable. I still think her insights are great specially when it comes to macro economics. Having said that, WHERE THE HELL does she gets that much conviction on $TDOC?? Whats so innovative about it? From an Engineers perspective a small team could create a similar service on top of $ZM 's API. I guess the whole security aspect does require a lot more, but still I dont see the moat. Also, I feel like network effects are not that big of a plus either when it comes to telemedicine, you'll just go with whatever software your insurance covers, wouldnt you? Would love to hear a $TDOC bullish perspective
Been bearish since the day they merged with LVGO, because the merger was insane. Other than that, LVGO was niche, so easy to understand. TDOC is a little more all-encompassing, and I don’t get US healthcare.
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