New position: $PROSY/$PROSF
Today I started a new position in Prosus, a proxy for $TCEHY. This might not end up as a buy and hold forever play, but currently the Risk/Reward just looks too good in my opinion. 3% position, read more in my new Seeking Alpha Article

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Top gaming companies by revenue (Microsoft soon to be second)
Once $MSFT acquisition of $ATVI closes it will become the second largest gaming company by revenue, second only to $TCEHY (China's Tencent).

  1. Tencent: $27 billion
  2. Microsoft: $25.1
  3. Sony: $24.9
  4. Nintendo: $15.3
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$DIDI is going to delist, millions of residents at the economic centre Shanghai are locked in their houses due to Covid-19, UBS’ Wang Tao downgrades China Growth forecast from 5.0% to 4.2%, Goldman’ Hui Shan expects it to be below the government target of 4.5% stating that even 4.5% requires a lot of policy support.

Can it get worse for the Chinese stocks like $BABA $TCEHY etc.?

Any bull scenarios out there?
$PROSY - Emerging markets, here I come!
  • Started dabbling in emerging market businesses.
  • $PROSY is an incredible capital allocator and venture investor
  • Owns approx. 30% of $TCEHY and reinvests their dividends regularly
  • Their portfolio of investments in India is incredibly strong with household names, too hard to pass on
  • I think investing in emerging markets along with my primarily smallcap/midcap investments goes well and I would be looking at some opportunities here
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🗞 on China
📌 China made a strong push to stabilize financial markets, promising to ease a regulatory crackdown, support property and technology companies and stimulate the economy.
📌 As per China's Vice Premier Liu talks between China and the US on foreign listings have made progress.
Markets are moving 💹💹
It will be interesting if their actions follow the lip service... Lot of room for a rebound if true
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Portfolio Weighting Top 5 vs Bottom 5
My top 5 holdings now make up 56.56% of my portfolio $GOOGL $AMZN $AAPL $SFM $TCEHY

Bottom 5 make up 10.81%
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Portfolio Update as of today 03/04
Biggest change is $SFM moving into 4th due to recent gains and losses from $TCEHY and $BABA
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Huh. Why Sprouts? I've never heard it discussed as an investment.
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Investments by $TCEHY Tencent has returned to an all time high.

Most of its investments are in entertainment, media and gaming.
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They did extremely well with buying AfterPay in May of 2020. Purchased 5% of the company at a average price of $22.63 costing them about $300 million.
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I am proud to announce that I am now a Seeking Alpha contributor
I just published my first article, talking about $TCEHY and the crossroads they are at right now
They like if you include lots of financials and numbers.. Congrats on the contributing, will look forward to reading your pieces.
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Portfolio end of February 202




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