Oil to Gas Price Ratio
  • Before shale took off oil to gas prices averaged 8 to 1 – close to their energy equivalence ratio.
  • Since 2013 this ratio has averaged 20 to 1.
  • Outside of North America the ratio is 3 to 1.
  • In other words, US gas is priced at an energy-equivalent discount of 56% to world oil and a 77% discount to world gas. In our 35 years investing in global energy markets, we have never seen such a wide disparity.
  • Source (link has analysis on why it might revert back).
  • $SWN
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$SWN Update
$SWN is trading slightly higher than my last trade when I scaled out. It approached near my first target (see older post), so it's always good to lock in profit. I am still holding the remaining position for a more significant move toward my last target. Typically, I would roll my gain to my LT portfolio/ETFs, but for now, I will reserve as much capital for a potential market correction.

Diff note: I have been pretty quiet lately since I'm out on business travel. I am heading back home today and will post more charts!
Margin of Safety in Hydrocarbons
Factors Putting A Floor In Hydrocarbons
  1. Global Energy Demand
  2. WTI Crude Oil Curve
  3. Financing Standards
  4. Emission Scenarios - Demand Divergence
  5. Lack of Demand Destruction
  6. Demand (In)Elasticity

Midstream & Deepwater Drilling
  1. Energy Transfer ($ET)
  2. Transocean ($RIG)

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