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Compound Collaboration, Month #23
Every month I put aside some money into a portfolio aimed at long-term bets over the next 20 years. I will be gifting this portfolio to my future kids someday. I hope to use these memos as an educational tool to teach them about the world. With any luck, managing the portfolio will become a shared activity to collaborate on as they grow up.

It is one of the main reasons why I invest.

Performance from the first 22 months:
‌‌Month #1 Aug 2020: $ARKK -55%
Month #2 Sep 2020: $ARKG -51%
Month #3 Oct 2020: $BTC.X +55%
Month #4 Nov 2020: $BTC.X 0%
Month #5 Dec 2020: $NVDA +17%
Month #6 Jan 2021: $VT -7%
Month #7 Feb 2021: $PACB -86%
Month #8 Mar 2021: $TSM -26%
Month #9 Apr 2021: $KLIC -26%
Month #10 May 2021: $TTD -19%
Month #11 Jun 2021: $ETH.X -51%
Month #12 Jul 2021: $ETH.X -55%
Month #13 Aug 2021: $ROKU -78%
Month #14 Sept 2021: $ETH.X -65%
Month #15 Oct. 2021: $RBLX -57%
Month #16 Nov. 2021: $APPS 74%
Month #17 Dec. 2021: $VMEO -67%
Month #18 Jan. 2022: Cash 0%
Month #19 Feb. 2022: $OPEN -47%
Month #20 Mar 2022: $RRC -8%
Month #21 Apr 2022: $TPL +7%
Month #22 May 2022: $ETH.X -41%

Total Portfolio Return: -31%

Well things have gone from bad to worse.

Pretty bad timing all around— just closed on a house yesterday and will be moving to Orange County as my wife got a job down there. Had to sell a lot of stocks for the down payment.

This month's addition to the portfolio is Nuscale Power Corp $SMR

Newscale designs and markets small modular nuclear reactors. It is headquartered in Tigard, Oregon, United States. They were founded in my hometown of Corvallis, Oregon.

NuScale has been approved to build test reactors in Idaho, in 2029 and 2030.

It's a very long term bet on nuclear power.
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I hope we as a planet gets past the stigma of nuclear as an energy source. I’m watching for companies using Gen IV technology. They can use what would previously be spent nuclear fuel (uranium) from older gen reactors as their fuel
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$SMR - NuScale ready to scaleup their business - Nuclear Power
If you believe in the power of nuclear energy, Nuscale is an innovative wide moat extremely early-stage business to monitor/invest in!
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Very excited about NuScale— they have operations in my hometown :)

They’re not public ally traded yet, correct?
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