Food inflation and food import concerns will prompt more investment into vertical farming
Singapore is a small island nation that relies heavily on food imports to feed its people. The island is promoting vertical farming efforts to make the nation self-sufficient in food production and combat food inflation.

Vertical farming allows farmers to grow more food per square footage. Basically, to grow more food, farmers expand their food production to sky rather than needing to acquire more land. The way in which vertical farming is done is sustainable as it reduces the need for farmers to do deforestation and with modern tech, farmers are able to grow more with less water and other resources.

Energy shortages pose as a headwind to vertical farming growth because vertical farming is energy-intensive. Thankfully, this form of agriculture can be supported with renewables.

For growth investors looking for underrated megatrends to invest in, consider vertical farming! $APPH $SMG $GRWG are some tickers that I see benefiting from the vertical farming megatrend.

Interesting. Especially, after the various export bans (India, Egypt,Indonesia, Ukraine, Russia etc.) Does any of the 3 companies possess greatest advantages over the other two?
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My May Returns Are In!... And They're Not Great (Still).
As I said in April, my horizon remains 20+ years out. I see my portfolio getting pummeled right now and generally don't care. I only see opportunity.

Retirement Portfolio
In May, I added to $ABNB, $BIPC, $CHWY, $CRM, $CRWD, $DDOG, $GLOB, $JPM, $MMM, $MPW, $O, $OKTA, $PEP, $PGNY, $PLD, $PUBM, $SHW, $SWAV, $TROW, $U, $UPST, and $ZS. I also added to $AAPL, $COST, $JPM, $O, $SBNY, and $SBUX via DRIP. I exited $SMG and $XYL.

May saw my retirement portfolio retreat by 6.86%, bringing my YTD fall to 37.36%, easily getting beat by $SPY, $QQQ, and $VTI.

I'm still learning this new investment software so my all-time performance below is only through the end of 2021.

It's safe to say QQQ is beating me by at least a couple hundred bps through May 31, 2022. I'm certainly still trouncing SPY though.

My Top 10 holdings by current market value make up ~34% of my portfolio.

Taxable Portfolio
My taxable brokerage is ~10% of my total investments. It's also much more speculative (early stage medtech is a big portion). In May, I added to $SILK, $BTC.X, and $ETH.X. Nothing in my taxable brokerage pays a dividend so no DRIP. I didn't exit anything either.

May saw my taxable portfolio retreat by 9.67%, bringing my YTD fall to 42.22%, easily getting beat by $SPY, $QQQ, and $VTI.

My taxable has gone through 3 different iterations over the past 13-ish years. You can see there was no holdings around 2013 and again around 2017 as I sold out of all positions for different life reasons. The beginning to 2013 iteration was the "I don't know what the fuck I'm doing, let me buy random companies I know with no research and pray" phase. Thankfully it was a bull market and I got lucky. The 2014 to 2017 iteration was "I nailed it last time. I'ma do that again but also play with options as well" phase. You can see how well that worked out.

This iteration is actual research with a what-can-this-company-be-in-a-decade being my main thought. This approach is why I don't mind seeing my this portfolio getting whooped. None of the positions in this portfolio are core holdings, which means I follow them quarter-by-quarter via 10-Q/K, press releases, general news, etc. I have my finger on the pulse and the underlying businesses are performing as I hoped or struggling by with bright spots (looking at you $DMTK, $LMND, and $BIGC).

(Note: I didn't lose almost all my money in 2015 but I can't figure out why the software is calculating it that way. 2015 was a bad year in the taxable portfolio but not that bad. Hopefully I have it corrected for my June update).

My Top 10 holdings by current market value make up ~90% of my portfolio.
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My $SMG trades
This was a tough sale. I bought for the cannabis exposure in the Hawthorne Gardening subsidiary back before I was a growth investor or had a cogent investment strategy (I sold stocks way too often). I was a big fan of SMG though. Solid business, solid dividend, and a subsidiary I thought would explode. That was March 2017. Hawthorne is now struggling mightily (along with most of the cannabis industry) and SMG has been trailing my benchmarks pretty significantly over the 5+ years I've held. Considering I already have a more pure-play cannabis exposure in $GRWG (plus $GTBIF, $IIPR, $NLCP), I feel like the funds that were tied up in SMG can be better deployed elsewhere in this current environment.

The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company ($SMG) Investment:
Time held from initial purchase: 5.13 years
CAGR: 2.38% vs $SPY 11.68% vs $QQQ 17.12%
Total Return: 8.92% vs SPY 51.96% vs QQQ 81.87%

Results: Trailed both of my benchmarks
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What will Scotts Miracle-Gro do over the next 10 years?
I bought years ago for the Hawthorne Gardening subsidiary, which has been struggling mightily lately (along with other picks-and-shovel companies like pure-play $GRWG). SMG has been on my Sell Watchlist for about 6 months now. If Hawthorne isn't succeeding, my thesis is breaking. $SMG $SPY $QQQ
What will Scotts Miracle-Gro do over the next 10 years?
30%Beat SPY
0%Beat QQQ
23%Beat both
46%Beat neither
13 VotesPoll ended on: 05/13/22
@commonstock It'd be neat if I could see the real-time results of my own poll without having to skew the results by submitting my own vote. Maybe a "See Results" link that only the author can see/use?
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Stock Buys - Tuesday 5/3/22
My stock buys for today, doing some more DCA while the market is down. Mostly Dividend stocks with the odd growth stock thrown in.

$SMG- this is one of my 'picks and shovels' cannabis plays, unfortunately it's been taking a beating, DCA down
$SCHH - DCA down on this REIT ETF
$LTC - DCA down on this REIT
$JACK - DCA down
$OTLY - DCA down (way down) from IPO purchase

Going to keep an eye on my trackers see what pops up throughout the day.
+1 for $SMG. Been holding and adding since early 2017. Hawthorne's recent struggles are a little concerning but even $GRWG is struggling so it seems to be industry-wide, not Hawthorne specific.
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The Coming Week in Earnings
Woooo boy, this week will be fun for my portfolio.

Monday (5/2)
  • $BIGC^ (On my Sell Watchlist)

Tuesday (5/3)

Wednesday (5/4)



Anything with a ^ indicates I read the 8-K and 10-Q/10-K and track their financials along with KPIs on a spreadsheet I have.

So basically, this will be me next week...
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CGC Q1'22 Quarterly Letter - Can you relate?
Cedar Grove Capital released its Q1'22 letter last week and wanted to share it with you all here.

While the quarter was a challenging one, we ended the quarter with 18% in cash and are strategically positioned to continue the rest of the year deploying dry powder in opportunistic areas.

Our holdings are included below - would love anyone's thoughts on them if they have any to share.



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Cedar Grove Capital Q1'22 Investor Letter
Hi all,

For anyone interested, Cedar Grove Capital will be releasing its first investor letter next week for Q1'22.

This letter will encompass our holdings, position sizing, returns, my thoughts for the portfolio going forward and select commentary for certain positions.

Click the link below to subscribe and get it when it comes out.

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