Why hasn't Michael Saylor of $MSTR bought the dip in $BTC.X recently?
Seeing Michael Saylor as a major fan of Bitcoin, I'd assume he'd be buying more Bitcoin as the price of it is below $30K. Since he has bought the majority of his Bitcoin above the $30K price range, I'd think he'd want to buy more at these lower prices.

Some would say that maybe he doesn't have the cash to buy the dip. If that's the case, he can buy more Bitcoin using debt. He already raised junk bonds and got a loan from $SI to buy more $BTC.X. According to the $MSTR bulls, the company has produced positive cash flow and because of it, the business isn't "burning cash" and can easily provide more collateral to avoid a margin call.

Could it be that he could be selling his Bitcoin in secret? Could it be that the company is so worried about getting a margin call on their leveraged Bitcoin purchases that they would prefer to keep the cash and use it as collateral when needed? Has the crypto bear market shaken his faith in Bitcoin?
Upcoming Earnings Calendar (Jan 17-21th)
Hey guys! Here's next week's upcoming earnings calendar!

The most important thing I'm interested in is if there's a change of character relative to the past earnings season. Growth stocks got hammered last time. Hopefully this quarter the worst has been priced in and companies are evaluated on their actual results.

Some other things I'm interested in:
  • $PG - Are sales numbers still strong? Has supply chain inflation persisted?
  • $NFLX - Streaming trends over the past quarter. (I hold $ROKU and a bit of $FUBO)
  • $UAL and $AAL - Comments on the Omicron variant and corporate travel demand.
  • $PNC $BAC $KEY - Insights on the economy. December retail sales were down, so we'll see if banks also point to weak consumers.

What are you guys interested in?

If you'd like an easier way to track earnings dates, you can automatically sync your portfolio's earning dates to your personal calendar with just a couple of clicks here.

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Unless you’re an algo you have emotions / how are you feeling? I’ll start..
Personally, feeling a bit traumatized by some of the price action in stocks, and the speed of moves.

I definitely did some anger-selling today, of the “I like you but can’t look at you” variety. Almost at random, really poor form. Impulsive and not advised. But that’s what happens when I have no plan and can’t pay close enough attention to make one. Examples $NET $FUBO

I also did some anger-stop-loss-setting, which was maybe more reasonable, but didn’t feel as good in the moment.

The way I balanced it out (psychologically) was to add a little bit to other positions, but this was little more thought out than the rest. Examples $U $SI

I could lay out a “rationale” for each of these, but it’s debatable how much of that would be post-hoc

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I really appreciate this update simply because it's a good documentation of what it feels like to be in the moment. I think a lot of us are feeling this way right now.
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Trading plan for this week: caution mode, lower position size, but keep an eye on:
$LCID - EV play, very good price action
$GDYN - nice consolidation while waiting the EMA21 to catch up
$CAR - possible ignition, but it fears of the new version of Covid?!
$U - good support at EMA21, a reversal is possible
$SI - Crypto stock, volatility is expected
$SITE - constructive consolidation
$EXFY - nice formation, but riskier since it is an IPO
$ITIC - constructive consolidation
$PUBM - good R/R
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Here is my trading plan for this week:

$AMBA - I like the support at EMA21

$ASAN - the stock tried a few times to break the resistance

$CAR - low volume during consolation at EMA10

$ATEN - risky, but with good reward

$SI - wide range bar from EMA21

$ALGM - VCP, higher lows

$ATH - consolidation above the EMA21

$PLBY - it may jump higher, stop loss 5-6%

$PUBM - very good consolidation after the gap-up
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Hello CommonStock!

Below are my portfolio holdings:

$AGC (Grab)

Portfolio 2:

Watchlist Companies:

I'm looking forward to engaging with everyone to discuss Technology, Analytics platforms, Cloud, Improving as an Investor, and more!
Featured earnings for the week of Oct 18
Earnings season (finally) getting into full gear!

So many interesting companies announcing earnings next week. Here are is the Fincredible Featured list. View all here.

Here are some I own / or particularly interested in

$JNJ - very interested to see results in the medical devices segment. Specifically are their signs of closing the gap with $ISRG with their new platform and are elective surgeries coming back

$ISRG - flip side of the $JNJ narrative. I love it when competitors announce close to each other :)

$NFLX - international subscriber numbers

$T - update on discovery spin-off, dividend and 5G capex

$XM - $MNTV is my top 3 holding based on thesis they are making inroads in enterprise market, which $XM dominates. Big enough market for both but want some context.

A few companies like $PG on inflation numbers, but I suspect @awallis will be kinda enough to provide a MacroTalk update on this topic again

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