I am happy with my portfolio
When starting my dividend growth investing, I had certain things in the plan.
  1. I get decent cashflow/income from my portfolio
  2. Have a beta return/ market returns
  3. Grow dividends
  4. Give me peaceful sleep

So, I tried to design my portfolio based on that. Now the portfolio is looking solid.

Here are a few things I like about my portfolio:
  1. Is what I expected it to be with a beta of 1.1, dividend CAGR of 11.71%, and CAGR of 8%.
  2. Performs solid when the market is down. Although I might not get the upside as much as other portfolios, the performance during a downturn is solid (it needs to be tested more).
  3. Cash flow is enough. With a $1,497.12 average dividend at a 5.23% yield, it's more than enough for me to survive. Other passive income that I generate from my games, consulting, and advising can go to portfolio or angel investing.

Let's see how it has performed in past:
It is at ATH right now at $358k

Over 1-year portfolio beats SP500 by 10%ish

YTD portfolio beats SP500 by 7%-8%

It has to be tested more though.

A few things that I don't like about my portfolio are:
  1. $JEPI and $QYLD - 30$ of the portfolio. While they provide more than 70% of dividends, I want to be invested more in companies that will grow my dividends too. The dividends generated are more than enough for me, so I shouldn't be more greedy in short term and start focusing more on the long term.
  2. $VOO, $HD, and $WM small position. I want to be increasing the position. Ideally, I want 20%+ of my portfolio to be $VOO, yes, I am happy with beta returns.
  3. $U big position, while I will not actively trim $U, I will not be adding more to it. I will trim it if my angel investing requires me to.
  4. $RITM or $RITM is still a big chunk at around 5%, I will be trimming it by the end of the year to half.

Edit 1: $CME is a dividend and trading play, it's based on my partner's idea. It won't be for long in my portfolio.
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Weekly wrap up
A nice week in the markets with some of my portfolio stocks consolidating. Went on a little bit of a shopping spree based on my watch list and some stocks starting to gain momentum.

Income Portfolio: Opened new positions in $NSA $BC $NXST and $ABR . Increased holdings in $VIG and $DVY Collected dividends on $RITM $JPM and $LOW .

Growth Portfolio: Added $ENPH to my portfolio holdings.

Speculative: No buy/sell action but $CRSP continuing to perform nicely up 25% thus far.
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