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$CELH is just on 🔥 (and I'm kicking myself for not picking up any when I was looking at it around $40), $ROKU making a little comeback since last week's report, and a surprising report for $UBER!
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Oil Drilling Activity
After years of underinvestment in hydrocarbon supply, rig counts and oil rig inventory (DUCs) are at very low levels considering WTI Crude is trading at $117/bbl.

The ultimate cure for high prices is high prices; however, the marginal producer over the course of the last 10 years (U.S. shale) may be running out of good wells to drill; the logical move would is offshore. $VAL $RIG
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Margin of Safety in Hydrocarbons
Factors Putting A Floor In Hydrocarbons
  1. Global Energy Demand
  2. WTI Crude Oil Curve
  3. Financing Standards
  4. Emission Scenarios - Demand Divergence
  5. Lack of Demand Destruction
  6. Demand (In)Elasticity

Midstream & Deepwater Drilling
  1. Energy Transfer ($ET)
  2. Transocean ($RIG)

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Oil & Gas | A Boom & Bust Industry In Transformation
In this post, I explored George Soros’ reflexivity framework and explained how it applies to the oil & gas industry. Why there is potential for upside excess and ways to think about asymmetric outcomes.

This post was originally published on March 10, 2022 and I couldn't be more thrilled to share it here on Commonstock!

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Upcoming Earnings Calendar (Feb 21th - 25th)
Hey guys! Here's the upcoming earnings calendar! Several very interesting reports coming up. Here's what I'll be looking forward to.

  • $MELI - How much did inflation impact their logistics margins?
  • $SQ - Cash App Users and Revenue Growth
  • $COIN - I think they will deliver a monster quarter. Crypto volatility should incentivize trading, driving commissions revenue above forecast.

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Upcoming Earnings Calendar! (Nov 1-5)
Hey guys! Here's next week's earnings calendar! Several very interesting companies set to report earnings. Here's the one's I'm most excited about and why:

  • $APPS: any sign of iOS ad dollars shifting to android (Digital Turbine's revenues are mostly from android).
  • $Z: an update on the real estate market and iBuying
  • $LYFT and $UBER: is mobility in the US back to pre-pandemic levels?
  • $COIN metrics on the NFT market.
  • $PENN and $DKNG update on the mobile sports betting market.
  • $ATVI number of Call of Duty Warzone players. The last reported number was 100MM.
  • $CRSR: comments on the supply chain issues they're experiencing.
  • $MELI: update on the Brazilian e-commerce market. Relevant for $SE's expansion.
Comment below which earnings report you are looking forward to the most!
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