Rent the Runway $RENT is benefiting massively from the inflation crisis
That's what the CEO of Rent the Runway said, according to CNBC.

In the article, the CEO of Rent the Runway noted that the company is benefiting from a strong rental environment as customers seek stability and value during these times.

At the same time, management noted that they will increase the price of their membership plans as a way to help offset their own rising costs.

With more consumers spending on experiences and less on things, the environment is highly favorable towards Rent the Runway, a company that makes money by renting out nice outfits. Plus, the business correlates strongly with consumer spending on experiences.

With profitability as their main goal during this time, I feel confident that the company will reach profitability sooner than we realize.
What a cool business model! Has inflation impacted their business in any negative ways though? I would imagine cost of clothing is rising as well and that would increase their expenses
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SBC is a scam to adj. EBITDA and you're getting diluted
Stock-based compensation (SBC_ has gotten out of control with some companies that utilize the line item top boost adj. EBITDA for profitability but can also dilute you.

Prime example is $TWTR. Market Cap >1.5x since IPO while price only up ~2% in the same time

The link below shows this weeks "Chart of the Week" for the following names

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CGC Q1'22 Quarterly Letter - Can you relate?
Cedar Grove Capital released its Q1'22 letter last week and wanted to share it with you all here.

While the quarter was a challenging one, we ended the quarter with 18% in cash and are strategically positioned to continue the rest of the year deploying dry powder in opportunistic areas.

Our holdings are included below - would love anyone's thoughts on them if they have any to share.



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Cedar Grove Capital Q1'22 Investor Letter
Hi all,

For anyone interested, Cedar Grove Capital will be releasing its first investor letter next week for Q1'22.

This letter will encompass our holdings, position sizing, returns, my thoughts for the portfolio going forward and select commentary for certain positions.

Click the link below to subscribe and get it when it comes out.

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A unique metric reveals past euphoria in the market
Chart of the week is here!

I talk about a unique metric and what's been going on with a few names in the consumer(tech) sector $BARK $CHWY $RENT $WW $HIMS $APRN

Take a look at the pic below but click through to see key takeaways and another chart. 👇🏼👇🏼

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