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  1. $VYGG - @y4l.investing’s post on the spac the other day caught my attention. I haven’t decided whether I’ll buy any, but the prospect of Reddit going public is enough to land on my watchlist. Either way, it should be fun to follow.

  1. $RELY - Chit Chat Money and I just recorded a podcast on Remitly that will publish this week. It’s 50% off it’s highs from the recent IPO, and I’m interested in the innovative remittance company, but I want to see a few more quarters.

  1. $NTDOY - The content company continues to execute, and has some interesting developments in the pipeline (parks, movies, mobile games). I’m always wary of unrealistic comparisons, but I think $NTDOY has a reasonable chance to become a miniature $DIS.

Thoughts? Are any of these in your portfolio or on your watchlist?
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