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Added $AXON to my Taxable Account
I bought 11 shares of $AXON at average price $98.13 per share. I also bought 1 share of $VOO for $369.

The only reason I know about Axon is
from the Motley Fool. David Gardner, Brian Feroldi, and Brain Stoffel have been
huge advocates on all of their podcasts/YouTube videos for Axon. Check out "The
Brians" work on Axon for more information. My only concern is a lack of TAM.
Axon is already working on this issue with expanding outside of their core
business and trying to expand internationally.

I love buying $VOO or S&P500 equivalent when I buy an individual stock. First, it helps me track the performance of that stock compared to the market at the time of

Second, there is a reason why everyone is trying to beat the
S&P500. It's literally buying the best of the best stocks on a market cap
weighted basis. By adding more to it, I will be owning the best the market has
to offer at any given time.

I only buy stocks in my taxable account every two weeks. I
do this to try and stay away from “timing the market” which is impossible to
do. If you could time the market you would be a billionaire. I will write
another post on the 27 with my next purchase in my taxable account.

*Retirement Accounts *

I added to $VNQ and $QQQM in my Roth IRA. My 401k is
automated so I didn’t have to do anything but S&P500 and Total
International Index Fund was added to as well. I allocate 20% of my paycheck
every two weeks to 70% S&P and 30% international.
$PTON 3% Position - Cost Basis $26.90
Since I shared my portfolio earlier, I figured I would make a post explaining my 3 individual stock positions. It normally isn't this concentrated but I am trying to hold what I know and am comfortable with given the volatility in the markets. A little over 80% of my portfolio is $SPLG and $QQQM for some stability and diversification. Let's start with my smallest position and one that is based more on anecdotal evidence than actual fundamentals like my other two.

Started a position yesterday. Price is at a level where I see good r/r

-Main reason is my wife and I love ours. The content is phenomenal and they have an instructor for everyone. We are both in subgroups on Facebook (Peloton Dad's represent!) and there is a ton of passion for the product which is evidenced by their high NPS
-Two days ago a neighbor posted she was selling hers on our community FB page. The thread blew up with people asking how much. I was honestly shocked by all the replies and it made it clear there is still a ton of demand. Demand was one of the reasons I had been iffy on the stock with people going back to gyms. However, if they can figure out way to make the economics work for more people, I believe there is still a huge market, especially if they are able to expand more internationally
-To piggy back on demand, I love the product because I can workout while my daughters (3 and 5) play in the garage. With WFH being here to stay for a lot of jobs and parents needing to get quick, easy workouts in, I believe there will be some staying power
-Barry McCarthy taking over as CEO. With the success he has had at Spotify and Netflix, he seems like the perfect person to make this business work. With 862,000 paid digital subscribers, 2.77 million connected fitness subscribers, and low churn, I think he has a great base to work with to turn this around

$PTON seems to be one of those stocks people either love or hate. Not much middle ground. Anyone else a buyer at these levels?
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