Balancing Beliefs and Profits
How/do you incorporate personal beliefs in your investing philosophy?

With the rise of ESG, there has been a larger focus on more conscious investing. Are you strictly business economic focused or do have a personal "moral" compass that steers you towards/away from certain investments?

Some examples of my mental guardrails:
  • Tobacco Companies - $MO is a darling of the dividend community, but I do not want to invest in companies that profit off of a potential detriment to the human health.

  • Car Manufacturers - After working for $PPG as a Tier I supplier to the auto plants, I had the opportunity to work intimately with them daily. After seeing (and feeling) the ups and downs of the industry and the daily operations, I do not want to invest in these companies.

  • Oil/Gas Companies - My view on this has slightly changed. I used to be 100% anti-old energy. However, seeing the efforts of companies like $MPLX, $MPC, $CVX to make their processes as environmentally sustainable as possible has started to change my perception of these businesses.

So, Commonstock, what are your thoughts?
Do personal beliefs affect your investing decisions?
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Upcoming Earnings Calendar (Jan 17-21th)
Hey guys! Here's next week's upcoming earnings calendar!

The most important thing I'm interested in is if there's a change of character relative to the past earnings season. Growth stocks got hammered last time. Hopefully this quarter the worst has been priced in and companies are evaluated on their actual results.

Some other things I'm interested in:
  • $PG - Are sales numbers still strong? Has supply chain inflation persisted?
  • $NFLX - Streaming trends over the past quarter. (I hold $ROKU and a bit of $FUBO)
  • $UAL and $AAL - Comments on the Omicron variant and corporate travel demand.
  • $PNC $BAC $KEY - Insights on the economy. December retail sales were down, so we'll see if banks also point to weak consumers.

What are you guys interested in?

If you'd like an easier way to track earnings dates, you can automatically sync your portfolio's earning dates to your personal calendar with just a couple of clicks here.

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Dividend King 👑 List
Let’s start 2022 with an evergreen for all the dividend investors: the list of dividend kings stocks.

If you don't know, a dividend king is a company that pays an increasing dividend from at least 50 years. These are superior businesses that made the fortune of many investors out there ✌️

Today, we have only 35 dividend kings 👑

$KO +
$PG +
$MO +

I marked with + the one in my Dividend Portfolio / check my profile here to see all my holdings.

Do you own any Dividend King ? If yes, which one?
Featured earnings for the week of Oct 18
Earnings season (finally) getting into full gear!

So many interesting companies announcing earnings next week. Here are is the Fincredible Featured list. View all here.

Here are some I own / or particularly interested in

$JNJ - very interested to see results in the medical devices segment. Specifically are their signs of closing the gap with $ISRG with their new platform and are elective surgeries coming back

$ISRG - flip side of the $JNJ narrative. I love it when competitors announce close to each other :)

$NFLX - international subscriber numbers

$T - update on discovery spin-off, dividend and 5G capex

$XM - $MNTV is my top 3 holding based on thesis they are making inroads in enterprise market, which $XM dominates. Big enough market for both but want some context.

A few companies like $PG on inflation numbers, but I suspect @awallis will be kinda enough to provide a MacroTalk update on this topic again

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