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$ORCL Credit Suisse
“Oracle has reached an inflection point in terms of migrating its large on-premises Oracle Database installed base, which is supported by a significant application developer and enterprise DBA ecosystem, to Oracle Cloud. We therefore believe that Oracle is well positioned to emerge as the #3 or #4 vendor in the PaaS/IaaS market and as the #2 vendor in the SaaS market—enabling the company to continue to reaccelerate revenue growth into the double digits."
Listened to Barrons podcast today and they mentioned that TikTok is switching to oracle for all US users
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Buying into the "Creative Cloud"?
Adobe $ADBE is reporting earnings tomorrow! In preparation, let's compare this software giant with some other large-cap software stocks.

Aside from the mega-cap companies like $MSFT, $GOOGL, and $META, there seems to be a glass ceiling for software companies around $200B in market cap.

Will $ADBE break through this barrier once again?

After drawdowns of more than 30%, each of these stocks besides $NOW trades below 10x next year's sales.

$ADBE is currently the second most expensive behind $NOW.

Although $ADBE has the second-highest valuation, it currently has the second-slowest growth rate and has seen the biggest slowdown from previous highs.

One thing $ADBE does have going for it is its high margins. Adobe has the highest net income margins out of this group by more than 10%!

What do you think? Are you a fan of Adobe heading into its earnings report tomorrow?
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especially in current times i would always prefer a company with a high net income margin to a company with a low sales multiple. But as always, a single mutiple or figure is not meaningful when valuing a company ;)
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What to watch for the week of 6/13/22
Get prepared to take on the market by checking out my watchlist. Here’s what I’m most interested in for the week beginning June 13th. These are just a few of the potential market catalysts to look out for in the coming days. Feel free to save this post for reference, share it on your social page (please @ me if you do) and follow me for more. Let me know what you’ll be watching in the market this week in the comment section. Good luck everyone!

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New Lows Today @ 10am
Visit highsandlows.substack.com to see more
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Corporate Venture Funds
Hey everyone,

My latest memo revolved around $COIN venture fund. I feel that "in-house" venture capital arms are becoming more mainstream. For many years, companies like $CRM, $ORCL, and $SAP have found ways to identify potentially disruptive technology that is adjacent to their own. One of the primary reasons for investing in these companies is that the larger entity can "preview" (for lack of a better word) how these start-ups perform without investing the time and capital needed to develop a competing product themselves.

As a stock, Coinbase has been all over the place. It's been public for exactly 1 year, and is down about 50% from its IPO. Although the stock price tends to move in parallel with large protocols like Bitcoin and Ethereum, I think a lot of investors are not taking to heart what CEO Brian Armstrong wrote in his shareholder note in the S-1 filing.

Armstrong made it clear that Coinbase's revenue and profits would ebb and flow in the short term given the current adoption of crypto. However, he stressed that in a long-term view, Coinbase could end up being at the center of many different aspects of the broader crypto spectrum.

I took a look at Coinbase Venture's portfolio and was stunned to see that they have made 250 investments. Several of these companies are now valued at billions of dollars. Although these are "paper gains" and not yet realized, there is the potential for Coinbase to realize windfalls of cash in a liquidity event.

Whether these valuations are justified or not is hard to know. But with top-notch VC's like A16Z and Sequoia now getting involved, I'd like to think there is some validity to the crypto space. Moreover, data from Pitchbook suggests that 2022 will be a record year for crypto fundraising. Of course, the notion of FOMO is playing a big part here (and also probably influencing the valuations, too).

But at a high level, I think Coinbase is extremely well-positioned to move past its competition given the number of different services it is exposed to via its venture fund, as well as the potential opportunity for strategic alliances / outright M&A should it choose to pursue that route.

Please let me know what you think!

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Brief news 21/4/22
$AMD announced an expansion of the use of AMD EPYC processors for $ORCL Cloud Infrastructure, these new instances are now a part of Oracle's VMware Solution offerings, enabling hybrid cloud solutions.

$AMZN announced they will allow 3rd party retailers to use their shipping and fulfillment network. Amazon also announced that Prime members will now be able to order items items on those retailers websites using payment & shipping information stored in their Amazon accounts.

$COIN said their NFT marketplace Coinbase NFT is now in beta.

$ENPH expanded battery storage in South Carolina.

$SNAP says 96% of Snapchatters interested in using AR for shopping.

$SPOT announced today that all creators in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand can now upload video podcasts to the app

$TSLA posted stellar results, here visualized:

$WDAY said they help their customers drive ESG initiatives via their expanded offerings, allowing customers to harness incremental data with a flexible platform.

$ZM announced multiple new 3rd party certifications and attestations that demonstrate effectiveness and security of their platform.

Zoom also launched a joint solution with Telekom specifically targeted at German market called Zoom X. They also worked with government agencies and launched a dedicated offering "Zoom for Government" with a large emphasis on end-to-end encryption and security.
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Oracle earnings - stock pattern
$ORCL reports its quarterly #earnings today after the close.
1-day performance in the past 12 quarters:
Average returns = +1.5% 🟢
Average price move = + / - 6%
% of positive returns = 42% 🔴

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